Picking the Best Pots and Containers For Your Artificial Plants and Flowers

Picking the Best Pots For Your Artificial Plants and Flowers

Let’s talk about the pot. No…Not that kind of pot. The kind of pot you put your faux flowers, plants, and trees in.

Pots and other containers are the often overlooked piece in a flower arrangement. Sure, the flowers are gorgeous, but if you put them in an ugly container or one that clashes with the shape or color of the arrangement, you’ve turned a gorgeous arrangement into one that hurts the eyes.

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Fortunately, you don’t have to be an interior designer to choose the correct container for your flowers. Just follow these five tips, and you’ll create an arrangement that you won’t need to partake of the other kind of pot to appreciate.

Tip #1 – Size matters when it comes to pots for your artificial flowers

The first thing to consider when choosing a container for your artificial flower arrangement is the size of the flowers or plant. Long-stemmed arrangements like these Lilac Twigs or large plants will need a large container. Especially with flowers, you don’t want the container to be overwhelmed by the flowers.

The pot or container for your artificial plant or flower arrangment is important

A large disparity in height between the container and the arrangement will make everything look out of proportion and may cause the flowers to droop or lean because they lack proper support. When it comes to flowers, a good rule of thumb is to try to find a pot that is 50-60% of your total stem length. That way, there are plenty of stems showing but the pot also provides plenty of support for the arrangement.

Tip #2 – Be sure the pots for your artificial plants and flowers match your style

While the size of the container is based on the size of the flower arrangement or plant, the style of the container is entirely up to you. Choose a container that matches your personality and the personality of the room you are decorating. Think about using non-traditional containers for fake flowers and plants like bird cages, shoes or buckets.

Using an alternative container like a bucket can bring charm to your artificial plants and flowers

For a great list of unconventional containers for flowers, check out this blog from Brown Floral Events. Here are a few ideas of fun flower containers for different styles:

Rustic: Galvanized buckets or ceramic pitchers

Country: Mason jars or baskets

Modern: Sleek vases

Whimsical: Brightly colored/patterned mugs or teapots

Tip #3 – Location, location, location

Before choosing an expensive crystal vase to hold your flower arrangement, make sure to consider where the arrangement will live in your home. High traffic areas where a faux plant or flower arrangement might get knocked over are not ideal for expensive containers. Use less breakable items like baskets and buckets in those high traffic areas.

Likewise, if the artificial plant or flowers are out of the way and not likely to be harmed by rambunctious kids or someone not paying attention, a glass vase works great.

Tip #4 – Find a pot color that compliements your decor

Colors are a fantastic way to tie a room together, but too much color or the wrong colors can create chaos instead of harmony. Place your faux flower arrangement or plant in the room where you want it to go, and let your eyes roam over the room. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are my eyes drawn to the arrangement or plant?
  • Is the arrangement or plant supposed to be a focal point in the room?
  • If I add more color with a container will it add or detract from the room and the flowers or plant?

Use the answers to those questions to guide your choice of a container. If the flowers themselves draw a lot of attention with vibrant colors or a large size, then you might decide to keep the container low-key by choosing a neutral color or a clear container. If the arrangement or plant doesn’t stand out and you want it to, then choose a distinctive or brightly colored pot or vase to draw attention to it.

Tip #5 – Don’t forget the budget when choosing pots for your artificial plants

Pots and other containers can be almost as expensive as the plants themselves, so be sure to plan for purchasing a container in your decorating budget. If your budget is small, consider repurposing something you already have or checking out a thrift store for a second-hand pot. Shopping clearance sales at the end of the outdoor planting season can also net you a deal if you’re looking for a larger container for a faux plant or tree.

Choosing a pot or container for your faux plants and flowers is as important as choosing the right arrangement or plant to add to your décor, but if you follow our tips, you should end up with the perfect arrangement for your home, from flowers to pot.

What kind of fun or unusual containers do you use to hold faux plants and flowers? Let us know in the comments.

As always, be sure to reach out to me if you have any comments or concerns.

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