What Does a Daisy Symbolize and What Does Giving One Mean?

The daisy is such a pretty flower. It grows virtually everywhere the sun shines, both wild and cultivated, it looks like a little sunflower, and it even shows up in artificial plant arrangements, in art, and as emblems on various objects.  

It is also a beneficial plant for your home, keeping the atmosphere cheery and the air clean. Also known by its scientific name, Bellis perennis, the daisy is easy to care for and maintain.  

Is it any wonder the daisy holds symbolic meaning across the globe?  

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An Overview of the Daisy 

The daisy is native to Europe and Asia but has been introduced into every other continent on the planet with the exception of Antarctica. Egyptians used to grow them in gardens thousands of years ago, and it gets its name, “daisy” from the Old English “daes eage,” which means day’s eye, as a result of the flower’s tendency to blossom, or “open its eyes” when the sun rises each day.  

An Overview of the Daisy 

The Bellis perennis has been used by multiple cultures medicinally as an anti-inflammatory herb. Still today, people drink daisy tea to improve blood circulation and for the flower’s restorative properties.  

Daisies contain 34 mg of vitamin C for every 100 grams. The tea can also be drunk to relieve a cough and for kidney and liver disorders.  

To make daisy tea, you can simply pick the flowers and the leaves and boil them in water. Add a bit of honey and enjoy. The flavor is a bit bitter, nutty, and slightly spicy.  

In many countries, children have long been attracted to daisies, picking the flowers and making daisy chains, circles of daisies strung together by the stems. Daisy chains have long been associated with the mythology of fairy people who live wild in the woods, giving the flower an air of mystery and magic.  

What Does a Daisy Symbolize?  

Largely due to its ability to attract children and its soft white color with the yellow center, daisies have stood as a symbol of purity, innocence, youth, joy, and playfulness.  

It is a purely positive flower that even has symbolic meaning in the Christian Bible, where it has been associated with the Virgin Mary because of its representation as an innocent flower. Thus, daisies can also stand for chastity and humility.  

Outside of Christianity, daisies are also associated with the pagan goddess Ostara, the goddess of spring, and the Nordic goddess Freya, the goddess of fertility who has the power of predicting the future, which she taught to Odin, the god of Nordic gods. In Greek mythology, the daisy is connected to the goddess of love, Aphrodite.  

Because they can survive almost anywhere, daisies can also represent resilience and adaptability.  

On a purely spiritual level, daisies stand for new beginnings and rebirth thanks to the fact that the flower is virtually reborn every morning as the sun rises.  

Does Giving a Daisy as a Gift Have Meaning?  

Daisies are often given to young girls to represent their innocence and to new mothers as a symbol of new birth and motherhood. They are a flower of belief in eternal life and having faith that things will always work out in the end.  

It is a good idea to give the daisy as a gift to a new mother or a child on their birthday, of course, but you could also give daisies to a new love, to someone grieving or in mourning, or someone just feeling sad.  

Daisies are definitely a flower to give to cheer someone up, and you could consider giving the gift of daisies as a plant to be placed in a garden or near a sunny window so the reminder to have faith in the positive will linger longer than it might with cut flowers.  

Do Daisies Help with Feng Shui?  

In feng shui, the daisy represents peace and a life of balance. It is a powerful and positive flower that brings good energy into the home. If you are looking to bring good luck into your home, the daisy is a perfect flower to plant just outside or just inside your doorway, to keep cheerful, fortunate energy flowing in a constant direction inward.  

Likewise, you can give a daisy as a feng shui gift to bring someone good luck, or you can keep one in your office to invite a positive flow of productive and abundant energy coming into your professional life.  

Do Artificial Daisies Look Real and Do They Maintain Their Symbolism?  

Yes! The symbolism of the daisy is maintained even if your daisies are fake. Some people cannot have real flowers in their homes due to allergies or an inability to care for them properly.  

Do Artificial Daisies Look Real and Do They Maintain Their Symbolism

While you may not get air filtration or medicinal use from fake flowers, all the other benefits remain. You can still improve your mood and the energy in your home surrounded by fake daisies.  

And yes, you can find artificial daisies that look absolutely real. Just be sure to read online reviews or shop around until you find a high-quality fake daisy plant. You can even reap the benefits of daisy symbolism from pictures or paintings of daisies.  

If you’re worried that fake flowers are tacky or not on trend, check out my article on whether artificial plants and flowers are tacky 

What do you think? Do you have any tips or tricks for decorating your home or office with daisies? What do daisies mean to you? Tell me in the comments.  

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