What Artificial Plants Should I Use In My Man-Cave Or Basement?

These days, lots of guys are building out man-caves in their garages or basements. In reality, though, these multi-use rooms are often used by the entire family, since they sometimes have pool tables, bars, or a home theater.

So, that doesn’t mean that a proper man-cave shouldn’t be decorated using the appropriate levels of manly indoor plants. You do, however, want to keep in mind a few things that might determine what types of basement plants you select.

When thinking of pairing house plants with basement, you have to consider:

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Consideration 1 – How much light do you have?

If the man-cave is in the basement or the garage, you might not have a lot of light. This means you’ll either need to select plants that can survive without a lot of direct sunlight or choose artificial plants for your basement. The nice thing about artificial plants is you have a lot more variety to choose from. For instance, if you don’t want your basement to feel like a basement, try adding a few small trees in the corners. The green leaves will brighten up the space and make it feel less dungeon-y.

This artificial olive tree is manly enough for your man-cave. Just make sure no one eats the olives.

This bonsai tree in a concrete planter is perfect for adding zen to your basement


Consideration 2 – How much room do you have?

Sometimes space can be a bit cramped in the basement or garage, so you’ll want to avoid large artificial trees and bushes. Especially when you are thinking of best plants for basement apartment, I’d consider going for a smaller artificial succulent or bonsai tree. These plants are perfect to act as basement window plants since they are able to sit on the window sill, or on the bar and on an end table without taking up a ton of space. Take a look at the plants below for examples of smaller plants for the basement that won’t make your space feel cluttered.


A smaller succulent can sit on a bar or end-table and not take up a lot of room.

Consideration 3 – How durable do you need your plants to be?

Sometimes accidents happen. Whether your teenage son spills his Mountain Dew in the planter or your brother-in-law starts swinging a pool cue like a ninja, you want to be sure that your basement plants or trees can take the abuse. The great thing about artificial plants is they are extremely durable. You don’t have to worry about a little Mountain Dew killing them. Instead, just wash them off in the sink and let them dry outside in the shade. Next thing you know, they’re back in action adding a touch of class to your man-cave.

Sometimes simple is the best way to go. Try this mini cactus.

Consideration 4 – What Fake Plants Go Best With Your Basement Decor? Best plants for basement

Obviously, you want the artificial plants that you choose to compliment our decoration choices. If your basement is a man cave, go with manly indoor artificial plants that are simple and understated, like succulents. All pants can be plants for men and women – I’m not sure there is such a thing as a masculine house plant, but you could go for things like artificial cactus.

If your basement is more of a family entertainment area, maybe choose basement plants that have a splash of color to help brighten up the area. This is especially important if your basement doesn’t have a lot of windows. Without sunlight, your fake plants can add brightness through color. And because they don’t require sunlight to grow, they will look great all the time without all the maintenance. 

There are also some great DIY ideas for basement stairs for adding in artificial plants. Check out these cool green wall basement stair ideas.

I hope that helps and gets you started toward thinking about what artificial plants and trees you can use to decorate a basement, garage, or man-cave. Have a tip or example of how you have decorated? Be sure to share it in a comment!

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