Are Artificial Plants Out of Style?


Wondering whether artificial plants and flowers are out of style or if it’s still okay to use them in your home and office décor? Here are a few things to consider.


Do Artificial Plants Really Look Real?

First, let’s consider their appearance. Contemporary fake plants are crafted to look incredibly close to the real thing. Since the early days of silk plants, technology has grown leaps and bounds in plant production. Often, molds made from natural plants are the starting point for creating today’s realistic-looking plants.


Do Artificial Plants Really Feel Real?

We know that artificial plants can look incredibly real, but what about how they feel? Honestly, that all depends on what the actual plant feels like. You’ll find, for example, that the really trendy snake plant has leaves that feel smooth and waxy. Since these leaves feel artificial, fake ones will probably feel very close to the real ones.


The Key to Decorating with Artificial Flowers Is in the Mix

If you really want to fool the eye, consider mixing real flowers with your artificial ones. Then, the eye will be completely fooled into believing that the whole arrangement is fresh and natural.

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