5 Tips for taking care of your live or artificial Olive Tree


Do you have a live or artificial olive tree and you want to keep it in its best condition? Here are some tips that can help you enjoy your olive tree for a long time.


Live Olive Trees Are Drought Resistant, But Still Need Watering Care

Olive trees thrive in full sun during long, hot, and dry growing seasons in well-drained soil. They are very drought resistant; however, watering olive trees properly is still required for them to survive. Care must be taken to avoid overwatering versus underwatering olive trees.


Live Olive Trees Also Need Occasional Fertilizer

Olive trees do not need special fertilizer but results will be significantly more satisfying with a good nutrition regimen. With proper olive tree care, it is best to begin fertilizing in March. Use a premium slow-release high-nitrogen fertilizer for olive trees. Continue to fertilize your olive trees throughout the growing season.


Periodic Direct Sunlight Is Best for a Live Olive Tree

If you plan to keep an olive tree indoors, keep in mind that the olive tree, like most fruit trees, prefers at least six hours of ample, direct sunlight to thrive and produce fruit. For indoor applications, a sunny, south-facing window is ideal.

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