Plant and Flower Ideas for People Born in November


Looking to give a thoughtful gift to someone with a November birthday?  How about incorporating the Chrysanthemum – their birth flower – into your gift? Here are some ideas.


Chrysanthemums Can Bloom into the Fall, Making Them a Good November Birthday Gift

There are many different varieties of chrysanthemums, and each has its own blooming time. In general, this plant is well-known for holding its blooms long after other plants have called it quits for the winter.


Incorporate Chrysanthemum into Your Birthday Gift – Without Giving Flowers

If you don’t want to give chrysanthemum flowers for November birthdays, you can still give your loved one a gift that incorporates mums into them. There are countless items that use the shape and/or colors of the chrysanthemum in their designs without using actual flowers.


Chrysanthemum-Scented Lotion Will Give Them the Scent of the Birth Flower Year Round

There are a number of other ways to incorporate chrysanthemums into a birthday gift without giving flowers. One of these is to give an item that is scented with the sweet, fresh scent of the chrysanthemum.

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