Unique and Fun Outdoor Plant Stands for Your Live or Artificial Plants

There’s plenty to be excited about when it comes to talking about plants and how they can contribute to the design features of an outdoor space. Plants add vibrancy, are good for the air we breathe and provide other little positives we take for granted.

What’s probably not exciting when it comes to the discussion of plants is their stands. How complicated can plant stands be, right?

Whilst a fair observation, there’s actually more than we realize going on with plant stands. The right plant stand can make a statement or add to your décor, and there are some amazing options available. And they’re not always the ones at your local big box retailer.

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Before Choosing Artificial Plant Wall Décor, Evaluate Your Outdoor Space

Before Choosing Artificial Plant Wall Décor, Evaluate Your Outdoor Space

An obvious starting point for your new project of deciding what stand (or stands) to choose for your outdoor space is how much room you have to work with. There’s no point in purchasing something too big and bulky only to realize it’s going to take up too much room, obstructs your view or isn’t right for the plant.

A plant stand might look amazing online (that’s how they’re supposed to look), but it could be an entirely different situation when it comes to your outdoor space.

If you’re placing the stand on a patio, deck or porch, you’ll also need to consider colors and design.

Overwhelmed by all the choices available? Don’t worry. We’re here to help.

Let’s look at six fun options all with their own unique design features and functions:

  1. Black Metal, Multi-Tier Corner Stand
  2. Wrought Iron Stand
  3. Classic Wood Multi Tier Stand
  4. Wooden Stand
  5. Garden Cart Style Planter
  6. Wood Hexagonal Multi Tier Stand

This Black Metal, Multi-Tier Corner Plant Stand is Great for Larger Spaces with a Bare Corner

This stand is simple, functional and sturdy. It has a black matte look and is designed to hold a number of smaller pots.

It would be well-suited to an herbal enthusiast too, where you could display the plants like a retail display. The three-tiered, quarter-circle design of this stand means it will work great in the corner of a balcony or deck.

No need to worry about rain causing rust because it’s made from a high-quality iron that won’t rust. In terms of an outdoor metal plant stand, it’s hard to pass up on this option due to its functionality and ease of set up.

This Classic Wood Multi-Tier Plant Stand Offers a Lot of Room for Medium and Large Plants

A tiered outdoor plant stand like this makes for an interesting talking point and perfectly displays your green treasures. Plus you can move the plants around at different stages of their development or whenever you feel like mixing things up.

This plant stand is made from natural eucalyptus wood, so it is sturdier and more weatherproof than many other woods. And with room for eight plants, it’s going to quickly become an eye-catching feature of any yard or deck setup.

And this wooden tiered outdoor plant stand naturally allows direct sunlight to hit the plants, which is, of course, good for their health.

This Wrought Iron Outdoor Plant Stand Is Cute and Eclectic

If your home is more ornate and charming in terms of its design, then an outdoor metal plant stand like this one will do a great job at complementing it. This plant stand is reminiscent of belle époque era gardens and is a great way to bring that appeal to your own home.

Despite the stand’s intricate design, it is quite simple to set up and will not rust on you even when out in the elements.

This plant stand is more suited to supporting smaller pot plants, rather than medium to large ones, making it suitable for indoors, too.

This Wooden Outdoor Plant Stand Offers Rollers to Be Relocated Easily

The rollers on the base of this outdoor plant make it super convenient. You can rotate it throughout the day if your plants need certain amounts of sun, and you can even bring the stand inside or place it under cover when extreme weather hits.

This is another outdoor plant stand that would also work indoors and given the rollers, it can be moved around (or away) if you have guests. While there are three tiers to this stand, you could place a small fourth plant on the base.

This stand is made from pinewood and is incredibly sturdy. The wood has been treated to make it weatherproof, too. Furthermore, the wheels are removable, so if you have the perfect spot for this plant stand and don’t want to move it, you can skip screwing in the wheels.

This Garden Cart Style Outdoor Planter Is a Cute Conversation Piece

To add an element of Parisian charm to your garden this Garden Cart Stand and Flower Pot Plant Holder is a perfect outdoor metal plant stand solution. Again, a great aspect of this style is that it allows sunlight to flood through into the plants, even when they are located on the bottom tier.

This outdoor metal stand can potentially house up to six potted plants at a time. It’s sturdy enough for larger pots, also. The wheels, while ornamental and non-functional, give an air of dainty allure.

This Wood Hexagonal Multi-Tier Plant Stand Provides Seven Different Places for Plants

For a modern solution made from sustainable products, you can’t look past this DIY outdoor plant stand idea. This multi-tiered hexagon design plant stand can house up to seven plants at the same time and will quickly become a focal point of your outdoor garden.

It is also made from eucalyptus wood that is stronger and more sustainable than many other wooden materials. This tiered outdoor plant stand is easy to set up and customizable, so you can configure it to the space you have.

Some of these DIY plant stand ideas are more suited to decks and patios, others to larger gardens. Many of them work indoors, too! We love researching new design solutions for plants and would love for you to share yours with us.

What tips do you have for DIY plant stand ideas or other outdoor plant stand ideas? We’d love to hear them in the comments section.

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