Unique and Fun Indoor Plant Stands for Your Live or Artificial Plants

You might not give a lot of thought to plant stands, but they are great to have when you have real or artificial plants. And while many of the big box store options can seem boring or simple, plenty of great styles exist that can add style and flair to your home.

If you’re in the market for an indoor plant stands, check out these ideas.

Two Different Types of Indoor Plant Stands We’ll Cover

Two Different Types of Indoor Plant Stands We’ll Cover

Generally, people will use one of two types of plant stands indoors: floor stands and window stands. Both are attractive ways to hold a plant, but one of these may be better for your space than the other.

Your choice will likely depend on the plants you have to display, the space you have, the style you want, and your personal tastes.

Indoor Floor Plants Stands Come in a Variety of Styles to Match Your Décor

Indoor Floor Plants Stands Come in a Variety of Styles to Match Your Décor

Floor plant stands have a grandeur that is hard to match and come in a variety of styles and functionality.

Multi-tiered plant stands are perfect for when you have a lot of plants to hold while an adjustable floor planter can be adjusted to fit different plant sizes.

This Multi-Tiered Plant Stand Offers a Rustic Look and Can Hold a Lot of Different Plants

This multi-tiered plant stand is perfect for when you have a lot of plants of various sizes that you want to hold. The wooden construction is great for just about anywhere and will go with various décor and furniture types.

It’s especially useful when you have more vertical space available than horizontal. It stands 47 inches tall and can hold 17 plants. It’s strong, stable frame is made from natural fir.

This Black Metal Adjustable Floor Planter Can Fit Medium and Large Plants

With this ingenious plant stand, it is compact enough to place just about anywhere, and it also adjusts to fit different sizes of plants.

This black metal plant stand will accommodate a medium or a large plant, depending on how you adjust the easy-to-use slider. This allows for a good fit without it taking up any more room than is necessary as many indoor large plant stands can.

It can also be used turned either way so that you can choose the length of the legs.

This Brass Colored Multi-Tier Plant Stand Can Be a Great End Piece

If you like the look of brass, you may be a fan of this brass plant stand. It provides two areas where plants can be held, and it makes a good end piece in living rooms, dens, offices, and more. The bright shine of the brass can add a pop of color to any space.

Indoor Window Plant Stands Can Help Add Beauty While Not Blocking Sunlight

Indoor Window Plant Stands Can Help Add Beauty While Not Blocking Sunlight

Many different window plant stands can be used to maximize space and provide places for small plants to get the sunlight they need. With an indoor window plant stand you can enjoy your plants without blocking out the natural light.

With a small plant stand for multiple small plants, you can cultivate a small garden.

Choose a style that fits your home’s personality like a whimsical, Zen-like plant stand that provides many spaces for small plants or a farmhouse plant stand that gives any room a lovely country look.

This Indoor Window Plant Stand Allows for the Display of Small Succulents or Even an Herb Garden

With this cute plant stand, there’s room for six to seven small plants for a real garden in your window. It’s made from pine, a sturdy and highly renewable wood.

This plant stand window model is great for a tabletop or windowsill. Whether you’re displaying succulents or small herb pots, this keeps them all together and in the sun where they can thrive.

This Small Window Planter Offers a Zen-Like Feel for Succulents and Bamboo

This fun plant stand has a whimsical design that makes it great for display along with your plants. It can fit nine small plants, making it perfect for both succulents and bamboo.

The tiers are staggered so none of the plants will block the others from getting plenty of sunlight. Made from bamboo, allows each plant to grow vertically without any limits.

This Farmhouse-Style Windowsill Planter Is Perfect for a Small Space

If you like the fun simplicity of farmhouse style, you’ll love this small planter that packs plenty of places to hold small plants. This window plant stand will hold four planters and fits easily into a small space such as a windowsill.

With two tiers, it’s a compact plant stand that can fit in many different windows. It’s made from wood and takes just five minutes to put together.

Whether you want a tiered indoor plant stand or you’re looking for DIY plant stand ideas, these sturdy and attractive models all come in handy.

The floor stands are perfect for adding plants with a wide range of sizes to your home using mostly vertical space. Window planters are great for keeping small plants close to sunlight while displaying a number of different pots.

Both types are great to use indoors even when you don’t have much space to display your plants.

Do you have a favorite indoor plant stand? Share your favorite plant stand or tips for choosing a plant stand in the comments.

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