25 Tree Jokes To Share With Family And Friends

Trees are one of nature’s greatest gifts to humanity. Not only do they provide us with life-sustaining oxygen and eye-pleasing scenery, they’re also a rich source of comedic material.

What’s so funny about foliage? To be sure, tree humor tends to skew more toward the playful variety than the laugh-out-loud slapstick kind – if a tree were to fall, we would generally not find it much of a laughing matter.

What makes the tree a worthy comedic foil is its sturdy ubiquitousness, which stands in contrast to the habitual shenanigans of its relatively short-lived worldly compatriot, the human being. Trees cannot laugh at the silly jokes we tell (or so we think), which makes our laughter echo even louder around the forest.

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Like trees themselves, funny tree jokes and funny tree puns age well. They’re also appropriate for all ages and are a great way to educate children about issues such as climate change in a fun and engaging way.

Here’s a list of some of our favorite jokes about trees

Tree Jokes to Enjoy

What did the old tree say to the young tree?

You’ve got a lot of air left to give.

A little girl was going for a walk in the woods with her father, when he stopped and pointed at a tree.

“Do you know what kind this is?” he asked her.
“Dogwood,” replied the little girl.
The father chuckled. “Sweetie, you may be right, but the dogs can’t talk.”

Why was the cat scared of the tree?

Because of its bark.

Why did the cat go up the tree, anyway?

Because it decided to go out on a limb.

What did the tree do for its birthday?

Gave itself a ring.

If a person makes a home in a tree it’s called a treehouse, and when a bird makes a home in a tree it’s called a nest.

So, what do you call it when a dog makes a home in a tree?

A nest-level doghouse.

Why do trees live for such a long time?

Because they don’t like to smoke.

What do you call a person who lives in a tree?

Upwardly mobile.

A boy went on a hike with his father in the woods of Appalachia and asked him, “how much does a tree cost?”

“Nothing,” the father replied. “The trees are for all of us to enjoy.”
The boy was amazed, and as he looked out over the vast forest he replied, “I guess that’s why they call it the land of the free.”

Why do trees make poor business partners?

Because they’re shady.

Why did the two fruit trees not see eye to eye?

Because they were apples and oranges.

Why do trees prefer to stay out of politics?

They don’t like to lean one way or another.

We think you’ll agree that these are the types of jokes that grow on you over time. Just make sure that when you tell them to your friends and family that your delivery is not too wooden.

What’s even better than jokes about trees? Puns About Trees!

If you allow us to o-pine, we think that puns are even more of a crowd pleaser than traditional jokes – the intellectual crowd would certainly agree that puns add a certain flair that’s wit for every occasion.

Funny tree puns are not only great for filling a room with the sound of log-splitting laughter, but they’re a fantastic way to teach children the joy of a clever turn of phrase.

Take a look at some of our favorite tree puns below.

Try these at any party, and we guaran-tree you’ll have the guests eating out of your palm.

Here’s a list of some of our favorite puns about trees:

Tree Puns to Enjoy

Why don’t trees have last names?

They like to go on a fir’s name basis.

Where do little trees go to school?


Did you hear about the rock n’ roll concert in the forest?

It features Spruce Springsteen and the Tree Street Band.

What do trees like to drink?

Root beer.

Why did the tree get a new mattress?

For rest.

Did you hear about the academy-award winning movie about trees?

Forest Stump.

Why can’t trees go to school year-round?

They have to leave in the fall.

Did you hear about the new location app for trees?


How do trees get online?

They log into cypress-space.

What mobile plan do trees use?


How do you know when a tree doesn’t know the answer to a question?

It shrubs.

Why was the tree stumped in math class?

It couldn’t get to the root of the problem.

Why do maple trees like TV dramas?

Because they’re sappy.

Satisfied? If not, we can always go on, but unfortunately we’ll have to leave it there for now – but be sure to stay tuned for the tree-quel.

In the meantime, we hope that you’ve enjoyed our collection of tree jokes and puns. Try these out for yourself at your next social occasion – we think you’ll find that tree humor is evergreen.

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