TIPS: Front Door And Porch Decoration Using Artificial Plants And Flowers

TIPS: Front Door And Porch Decoration Using Artificial Plants And Flowers

As the old adage goes, you only get one chance to make a first impression. It’s definitely true when you meet someone new, but it’s especially true when someone comes to your house and sees it for the first time.

We all want a beautiful front porch, but we also don’t want to spend hours maintaining it. And nothing says “welcome” like a beautifully decorated front door.

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So the key is to keep it simple, make it easy to maintain, and ensure that it provides a welcoming experience for your guests.

Considering The Right Fake Plants For Your Entry Way

We all want our homes to be places that people enjoy coming, and nothing says “welcome” like an enticing front porch or front door. There are lots of ways to spruce up your front door area and make a great first impression on neighbors and guests. If you are looking for year round front door décor, then follow these tips below for easy front door flower arrangements and simple artificial outdoor plants for front door.

Here are my favorite five simple ideas that will make your house a place people can’t wait to enter.

Tip #1  – Use vintage items to hold flower arrangements.

There are so many front door vases that you can add to your porch decor, but why go for a boring vase when you can try out unique ways to hold your faux plants or fresh cut flowers.

Gather up some vintage beverage carts or toys like tricycles to hold several flower arrangements.

Place the cart or toy next to a rocking chair or porch swing to give your porch an old-time feel.

Add a faux flower arrangement in a vintage bucket or basket to your front door to complete the look.  If you have windows that could use some “shutter treatment”.

This idea is great for front door decorations for spring and summer and can help create an old farmhouse front door décor.

If you prefer a vintage planter, check out our Faux Rose and Kalanchoe Planter. Put this on the floor of your porch or set it on a table next to a swing to give your porch an old-timey feel.

This rustic planter can be placed on an outdoor table and its lovely flowers will help fill a corner of a porch or patio with color.

Just remember not to overdo it. The goal is to add one or two items that give the impression of a well executed decorating plan. What you don’t want is for your front porch to look like a flea market or junkyard.

Go for the classy look and add a plant stand, like this Mkono Wood Flower Pot Holder, to the corner of your porch or near your front door.

Tip #2 – Create a whimsical look with rain boots and umbrellas.

If you want to send that cute, outdoor vibe to your visitors, consider using colorful rain boots to hold artificial flower arrangements and line them up near your front door.

Complete the rainy day look by hanging a closed umbrella filled with fake flowers on your front door. These beautiful long-stem daffodils would look great peeking out of the closed umbrella.

For a cute outdoor theme, close an umbrella and hang it from your front door. Then, you can individually pick out the flowers from an arrangement like this and place them into the closed bottom so they stick out the top. 

The great thing about this concept is you can change out the flower stems throughout the different seasons to leverage different season flowers and colors.

Remember, though, that the quality of your containers is just as important as the plants themselves. You want visitors to see a cohesive decorating layout that feels purposeful.

You want them to think “how cute”, not “why are they leaving their shoes/umbrella on the front porch?”

You can also add a front door flower basket to your space by pairing it around the rain boots!

Tip #3 – Go traditional with a set of urns.

If you’re trying to create a more elegant look, you can’t go wrong with a traditional set of urns on either side of your front door.

Fill them with colorful artificial arrangements or choose topiaries to flank the door.

Brighten up the entrance to your home with a Mixed Color Calla Lily Arrangement. It’s perfect for creating a warm welcome.

Another great addition to your front porch would be a nice rug or doormat paired with a flower urn on both sides. Check out this SEEKSEE plaid doormat.

If you don’t enough space for a container that sits on the ground, consider using an arrangement that can sit on or hang from your porch railing.

That way, it brightens up the space, but doesn’t crowd the entryway.

Add some height to any room with this 4.5' Dracena in a metal planter.

This cute Faux Dracena can sit on your porch railing and not take up any floor space.

Tip #4 – Work with a color scheme.

Just as your house paint has a color scheme, you want your porch or patio decorations to have a cohesive color scheme, as well. Think of your front door decorations as complementary colors to your house paint colors. If your house is gray and white, maybe accent those muted colors with a lovely green and white.

If so, consider adding an outdoor planter like this Baby’s Breath.

A splash of color , like a lively green and white, can help add some “pop” to your muted house paint colors.

Choose one color or a couple of colors to highlight in your entry area. Several arrangements in a single color create a striking display. Place the front door plants in your entry and add an arrangement or wreath in the same color to your front door. If you prefer more than one color, choose two or three and do the same.

Tip #5 – Use artificial trees for front porch and use plants as an accent to your table set.

If your porch is large enough to have chairs and a table on it, use faux plants as accents on the table or in containers next to the seating options.

Consider this small side table from Coaster Home Furnishings.

Feel free to stick with just green plants or to include arrangements with plenty of color. It’s up to you!

This Boxwood Ball would look beautiful on your porch or as part of your outdoor décor.

This Boxwood Ball would look beautiful on your porch or as part of your outdoor décor.

Sometimes, the pop of color you need is green. Add some class to your front porch display with our Boxwood Ball Topiary.

For more great ideas on decorating your front entry area, check out these options from DIY Network along with this Pinterest board from Petals and Chalk.

Using faux plants for front porch decor can help create a nice entryway to your home creates a hassle-free, long-lasting display that can easily be changed from season to season.

Keep in mind that if your front door gets a lot of sun, you’ll want to choose UV-resistant options to keep your artificial arrangements looking great for a long time. For more tips on keeping your faux porch plants looking great, check out our blog post on caring for your plants in the hot summer months.

And don’t forget that you can use artificial plants in landscaping beyond your front porch. They make a great addition to yard landscaping and other outdoor living spaces.

Do you have a fun front-door decorating scheme? We’d love to see it, so share a link in your comment.

And, as always, don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions.

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