Tips For Mixing Real And Fake Flowers In Your Decorative Arrangements

Tips For Mixing Real And Faux Flowers In Your Decorative Arrangements

There was a time when no one would have thought about mixing real and faux flowers in the same arrangement. Fake flowers were too unrealistic to ever consider pairing with their real counterparts. The “artificial” nature of cheap plastic plants made them stand out against the delicate natural beauty of live plants.

With advances in the creation of artificial flowers, plants, and trees that fear no longer holds true. Today, artificial flowers and plants can every bit be as realistic as their live companions – depending on the quality of the item purchased. Buy cheap fake plants from a big box store and they’re probably going to look cheap. Buy high-quality artificial plants from a reputable supplier and your faux flowers will blend in with the real thing.

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Mixing Live Flowers With Artificial Flowers? That’s Blooming Crazy!

One question I hear quite often is, “Why would you want to mix artificial flowers with live ones?”. These folks are usually nervous that they’re going to ruin the natural beauty of their live arrangement by adding what they consider to be “tacky” fake plants.

I believe that the development process for artificial plants has evolved significantly and that artificial flowers and live plants can co-exist harmoniously in the same vase or arrangement. The main reasons I give for creating an arrangement that blends both artificial and live plants are longevity, seasonality, and cost.

Reason #1 To Blend Live Plants With Artificial Plants – Longevity

Live flowers have a limited shelf life, and some blooms are more fragile than others. If you’re planning an all-day event and want to use flowers that tend to wilt quickly, then artificial flowers are a great option.  They will keep their beauty all day, and you won’t have to worry about them being wilted in any photos.

For example, Hydrangea are becoming more and more popular as cut flowers for wedding bouquets or for prom bouquets.


The problem is they can wilt very quickly once cut, especially in the heat and direct sunlight. To offset that risk you can blend artificial Hydrangea into your bouquet and ensure that the flowers last throughout the wedding event.


Consider adding faux flowers like our Faux Flower Assortment to an arrangement that includes live flowers. They can help solve longevity, seasonality or cost issues.


Reason #2 To Blend Live Plants With Artificial Plants – Seasonality

Unfortunately, not every flower is in bloom during the season when you want to use it.

If it’s Fall, and you want lily of the valley in your arrangement, you’ll be hard-pressed to find live ones. Substituting faux lily of the valley is the perfect solution. You get the blooms you want, and no one will have to know the difference.

This beautiful arrangment would look beautiful in a living room or dining room – can you tell if they are real or not?

Remember, your arrangement doesn’t have to be 100% live or 100% artificial. Find a balance that blends both real plants and fake ones to ensure they will last as long as you need them to.

Reason #3 To Blend Live Plants With Artificial Plants – Cost

Some flowers are just more expensive than others and often times the more expensive the flower, the shorter the lifespan. If you’re trying to keep costs down but still want that amazing look you’re after, try substituting artificial blooms for the expensive flowers in your budget.


The trick is to evaluate what your total floral budget would cost if you went with 100% live plants and then identify places where substituting artificial ones might help you cut cost while maintaining the look that you want.

My tips for blending artificial and live plants and flowers

Clearly, there are plenty of reasons to mix faux and real flowers, but what’s the best way to arrange the different blooms and how can you make fake flowers look real?

Tip # 1 – Choose realistic blooms.

If you’re planning to mix artificial plants with live ones, choose the most realistic blooms you can find. Consider that real flowers are hardly ever perfect, so pick faux flowers that have variances and don’t all look alike. Try to find petals that vary in size and shape to give your artificial plants the most realistic look.

Choose blooms like these Purple And Yellow Flower Assortment that are as realistic as their live counterparts.

Tip #2 – Choose natural colors.

Keep your artificial choices within the color palette found in nature. While bright red lilacs might be striking, they’re a dead give-away that your arrangement contains fake flowers.

Choose a color palette for your arrangement that most closely mimics those found outdoors.

For the best results, pick fake flowers in colors that occur naturally, like this bundle of Orchid stems. Some of the best fake flowers that look real are ones that include natural-looking stems.

Tip #3 – Make them look natural.

Lots of people might think, “How do I make fake flowers look real?” Well, I’ve got some tips on this that you don’t want to miss!

Especially if you are mixing fake and real flowers for a wedding!

Tip #1: Don’t hesitate to bend the stems of your faux flowers so they more closely resemble the look found in nature. Real flower blooms tend to droop or bend on their stems. Bend the wire stem of your faux flowers to give them that realistic droop.

Tip #2: Also consider trimming any foliage off of the stems of your artificial blossoms to match the stems of your live flowers if they are also lacking foliage.

Pro Tip: Consider combining fresh and silk flowers for your wedding decor! Mixing these two items together can help make fake outdoor flowers look more real.

There are many fake flowers that look real for outside. Consdier artificial flowers with heavier blooms like our Phalaenopsis Orchid arrangement, bend the wire to give them a natural-looking droop.

If you’re looking for some inspiration or tips on flower arrangements in general, check out this great Pinterest board that is chock full of flower arrangement ideas.


No matter what arrangement you want to make, take advantage of the wide variety of options that open up to you when you allow yourself to mix both live and artificial flowers. No matter your reasons or what flowers you choose, you can make striking arrangements using both types of flowers.

Be sure to share your tips for mixing real and fake flowers, and as always, contact me with any questions or comments.

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