The Apartment and Condo-Dwellers Guide to a Beautiful, Green Interior Design

The Apartment and Condo-Dwellers Guide to a Beautiful, Green Interior Design Using Artificial Plants And Flowers

When I was a kid, I used to go to the toy department and look longingly at all the toys I wanted. Most days, I had to leave the store without one, but it was fun to look at all those toys and imagine how much fun it would be to play with them.

Many apartment dwellers and condo owners feel the same way about artificial plants and flowers. With limited space in a smaller home, you can feel like there’s no room for fun items like faux flowers and plants. But here’s the good news. You don’t have to be like me when I was a kid and leave the store empty-handed. There are plenty of ways to incorporate fake plants and flowers into smaller spaces. You just need to employ some creative thinking and choose the right arrangements.

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The floor is lava – get those artificial plants up of the ground

Remember that game you used to play as a kid where you would pretend the floor was lava and you would have to jump from furniture piece to furniture piece? Well, break out your inner child when looking for faux plants and flowers for your condo or apartment and pretend the floor is lava.

Floor space is at a premium in smaller living spaces, so make it your goal to keep artificial plants and flowers from cluttering it up. Choose other places like tabletops, bookshelves, windowsills and even the ceiling as spots for artificial flower arrangements and plants. Look for shelves that could use a little re-arranging in order to accomodate a small succulent.

These artificial succulents would look great on a shelf in your apartment or condo

It’s a small world – artificial plants don’t have to be big

When looking for faux plants and flowers for your condo or apartment, keep humming that childhood favorite “It’s a Small World.” Actually, you’ll only need to hum it once to have it stuck in your head for days to keep your focus on choosing smaller plant and flower arrangements that better fit the proportion of the smaller square footage most often found in condos and apartments.

Find small shelves or bookcases to decorate with artificial plants and flowers

Choose artificial plants and flowers that don’t overpower your space. Smaller succulents and flower arrangements, like this Bromeliad/Succulent/Grass arrangement, will serve smaller spaces well. But don’t think small means you have to go boring. Choose fake flower arrangements with bright colors or interesting shapes to draw the eye without overwhelming your space.

Up, up and away – hanging your artificial plants and arrangements

As a kid, maybe you dreamed of being an astronaut, with your eyes always on the sky. Channel that inner astronaut and look up when trying to decide where to put faux plants and flowers. Especially in smaller spaces, using the airspace in your apartment or condo to showcase beautiful plants and flowers is a simple solution that provides beauty without impeding the traffic flow.

Place artificial plants and flowers in hanging planters that hang directly from the ceiling like these decorative plant hangers or these macrame ones. This allows you to brighten your space with gorgeous arrangements without making your apartment or condo seem small.

When you use the airspace in your dwelling to display fake plants and flowers, you can also choose some larger arrangements than would fit in the living space. Just make sure to hang them high enough and out of the traffic flow so no one bumps their head.

This artificial Boston fern is a great way to add green to your living space

Leafy ferns, like this Boston Fern, are a perfect choice for a hanging plant.

Play tabletop games – rotate and arrange your artifiical flowers

One of the great things about artificial plants and flowers is that they are easy to move around, making them a perfect addition to any table, whether it’s your dining table, a nightstand or an end table. Choose short tabletop arrangements, like our Dahlia/Ranunculus arrangement, for a dining table so you don’t impede conversation, but feel free to look for taller arrangements, like our Phaleanopsis Orchids arrangement, for an end table or nightstand to bring an impression of height to your room. If your apartment or condo has a fireplace, look for arrangements that fit on the mantel or hearth.

Your fireplace mantel is a great place for a small artificial plant or flower arrangement

Because end tables and nightstands often hold other items like books, clocks or lamps, choose an arrangement that doesn’t cover the whole table. Find a centerpiece arrangement for the dining table that is easy to move for nights when dinner is expansive or you want to use the table to play games or work on a project.

Don’t let the smaller size of an apartment or condo leave you feeling like a kid staring longingly through the toy store window. Employ these tips to create a beautiful living space with faux plants and flowers without making your apartment or condo feel cluttered or overwhelmed.

Check out this article from HGTV for tips on decorating an apartment beyond the flowers and plants.

What tips do you have for decorating small spaces? Let us know in the comments.

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