Using Artificial Plants to Beat the Indoor Winter Blues

Using Artificial Plants to Beat the Indoor Winter Blues

I love the holidays, but the short days, cold weather and plentiful snow of winter can dampen my spirits. With cold weather just around the corner, I’ve been thinking of ways to keep my spirits up this winter, and I’ve discovered that surrounding myself with the beauty of flowers and plants in the winter months definitely helps me to be more joyful.

How To Decorate Your Front Entry Or Porch With Fake or Artificial Plants

How To Decorate Your Front Entry With Artificial Flowers and Plants

It may still be summer, but fall is just around the corner, and with the change of the seasons comes plenty of opportunity to entertain. While the gatherings may be small, you’ll still want your home looking its best when you greet your guests, which is why focusing on the front porch and entryway to your home pays off.

The Best Artificial Plants Or Fake Flowers For Your Front Porch

The best artificial plants and flowers to decorate your porch

Choosing the best faux plants for your porch can be tricky. That’s why I’ve thought of the perfect guide to picking the best plants and flowers for your front porch. Try out some of these suggestions, and visitors to your home will feel welcomed from the moment they arrive.

Use Fake Or Artificial Plants For Pet-Friendly Design

Using Artificial Plants and Flowers For Pet-Friendly Design

Spring inevitably brings outdoor projects with it from landscaping the yard to adding on a patio or porch. When doing those projects, it’s important to keep our pets’ safety and comfort in mind as well as our own.

Are Fake Or Artificial Flowers Better for the Environment?

Are Artificial Plants And Flowers Better for the Environment?

There aren’t a lot of quantifiable statistics about how much environmental impact artificial flowers have on the environment, but let’s look at what we do know and compare it to the environmental impact of fresh cut flowers against those of artificial plants and flowers.