Are Artificial Plants and Flowers Good For a Baby Nursery?

Are Artificial Plants and Flowers Good for a Baby Nursery?

Everyone has had a little more time at home lately with their loved ones, and history tells us that those are just the right circumstances to create a baby boom. Whether you’re expecting your first child or you’re adding a seventh family member, every baby deserves a space created just for them. There are so …

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Create an Indoor Garden with Artificial Flowers And Plants

Create an Indoor Garden with Artificial Plants and Flowers

Ever thought of creating an indoor garden? You can create an indoor garden with live plants, faux plants or a mixture of both. The great thing about an artificial indoor garden in your home is that you get the realistic look of live plants without the constant care.

DIY Artificial Plant Wall

DIY Steps To Create An Artificial Plant Wall

A “living wall” is an eye-catching centerpiece of any interior or exterior wall. Create your own “living wall” with artificial plants and flowers! Follow these steps to learn how.

Add Fake Plants into Living Room Décor

Add Artificial Flowers And Plants into Living Room Décor

Adding faux plant décor to your living room could be just the thing your room needs to feel bright and new again. Choosing the best artificial plants to meet your needs can seem tricky, though. We have a few tips to help you choose the right artificial plants for your home that will add some interest to your living room.

Update Fall Décor With Artificial Floral Arrangements

Update Fall Décor With Artificial Floral Arrangements

One of the best things about fall is all the quick options for updating your décor to match the season. Fall faux floral arrangements will give a quick lift to any room in your house while bringing the gorgeous fall colors inside for you to enjoy.

Tips For Using Artificial Or Fake Flowers In The Bedroom

Decorating With Artificial Plants And Flowers In The Bedroom

Flowers can brighten up any space, but a lot of times, we don’t think much about putting them in the bedroom. If you’re using fresh flowers, it can be a pain to remember to water them or replace them if they’re not in a high-traffic area of the house. Plus, flowers and plants shed pollen, which puts them out of bounds for the bedrooms of allergy sufferers.

Tips For Using Artificial Or FakeFlowers In The Kitchen

Tips for decorating with artificial flowers and plants in the kitchen

Your home kitchen is often a space that can be an afterthought when it comes to decorating with plants and flowers. Often, we’re too busy using the kitchen to worry about decorating it. Faux flowers, though can brighten up this common gathering spot without getting in the way of your kitchen’s intended use.

How To Decorate Your Front Entry Or Porch With Fake or Artificial Plants

How To Decorate Your Front Entry With Artificial Flowers and Plants

It may still be summer, but fall is just around the corner, and with the change of the seasons comes plenty of opportunity to entertain. While the gatherings may be small, you’ll still want your home looking its best when you greet your guests, which is why focusing on the front porch and entryway to your home pays off.

Should You Decorate With Artificial Or Fake Plants? The Answer Is Yes!

Should You Decorate With Artificial Flowers And Plants

The quality of artificial plant décor has improved to the point where it’s sometimes hard to tell a fake plant from a real one. In fact, it’s sometimes better to use a faux plant in certain spaces in your home where it would be hard to grow a live one. Here are my tips to why should decorate with faux plants and flowers!