Sprucing Up Your Home Office with Artificial Plants and Flowers

Many of us are spending a lot more hours working from home these days, and having a space where you can work efficiently and effectively is important. Whether you’re carving out a small corner of the dining room or you have an entire room dedicated to your office, creating a space that helps and doesn’t hinder your work is important to successfully working from home.

One way to improve the look and feel of your office space is to add plants and flowers. Even if all you have for a home office is a desk and chair in the corner of the basement, you can improve the aesthetics of your space with faux flowers and plants. Check out these five tips for sprucing up your home office space.

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1. Know your space

Many home offices share space with a bedroom or a dining area. If your office is at the kitchen table, you’re kind of stuck with the kitchen décor, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a small arrangement of succulents to a nearby windowsill or place a pleasing flower arrangement on the kitchen table to add some beauty to both the kitchen and your work space.

However, if you have more dedicated space for your home office, consider the size and how you use the space before purchasing any plants or flowers. Does your space need more color or something subtle? Do you have enough space for a plant or tree on the floor or will that just get in your way? Do you have shelves where you could put a smaller flower arrangement? Do you want seasonal flowers or a small plant on your desk? Once you have determined the needs of your space, you can choose items that will fit and work well in the space.

2. Know yourself

Everyone works differently, and different jobs require different amounts of space and different surfaces. If you spend most of your day typing at a computer, then having a small vase of artificial flowers on your desk probably won’t bother you. However, if you use your space to create physical objects, then having a small arrangement of faux flowers on your desk could be a nuisance, forcing you to move it constantly.

A beautiful artificial flower arrangement for your desk or office

Decide why you want artificial flowers and plants in your space. Do you want to be able to see something beautiful while you work? Do you simply want your office space to look nice because it’s in a part of the house that guests will see? Deciding what is important to you will help you choose different artificial plants and flowers for your home office.

3. Choose color wisely

Your home office is probably not the place for large arrangements of bright, distracting colors. Choose plants that fit your personality but don’t distract from your need to focus when you’re in your office. A pop of color is great. Large swathes of wild, bright colors that you might find in a child’s room probably won’t help you focus or portray a professional atmosphere on any video calls.

Use artificial plants and flowers to decorate your office space

4. Think about what others will see

Speaking of video calls, it’s highly likely that your home office won’t just be seen by you. With so much business being conducted via video calls, you want to make sure your home office space gives off a professional vibe to those on the other end of a call. If you have your own dedicated space, this is pretty easy, and an artificial plant in the background can make a great backdrop for a video call, adding a touch of nature to your space.

Faux plants and flowers can be really useful, though, when your office space is part of a shared space. You can use several taller artificial plants and trees as a dividing screen between your office space and the rest of the room, giving you and those who see your office the illusion of privacy. A smaller flower arrangement on the windowsill behind you in a kitchen or dining room can also create a sense that your space is your own when others are viewing it through the lens of a video camera.

5. Create a space that inspires

Use artificial plants and flowers in your office that coordinate with your current style. If you like sleek and modern, choose faux plants and flowers with simple lines and single colors. If your office style is more country or bohemian, choose funky pots overflowing with blooms or greenery. Not sure what your style is? Check out these ideas from House Beautiful.

There’s no reason your home office shouldn’t reflect your own personal style, and adding artificial flowers and plants to that space is a perfect way to make it your own. How do you use faux plants and flowers in your home office? Let us know in the comments.

As always, be sure to let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

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