Six Reasons I am So Passionate about Fake Flowers and Plants!

Why decorate with Faux Plants and Flowers? There are usually two main opinions- you like them or you don’t.

How I see it is, there is use for both. It just depends on your skill set, your interests, and your time, but plants are always in vogue in all our living spaces.

There are tons of Google searches every day for people looking for comparisons between real and faux plants. They use terms like:

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For the most part, a lot of these searchers have expressed an interest in decorating with faux flowers, but they’re looking for justification to buy them. Whether it’s looks, cost, maintenance, or their impact on their environment, there are actually a lot of reasons to consider decorating with faux flowers.

First, you may be surprised to find that faux flowers are sometimes a greener solution than real flowers.  They actually have less of a carbon foot print than real flowers, once the transportation effect for weekly delivery is factored into the equation and multiplied by 52 weeks in the year.

Even the biodegradable issue is moot when you find out that almost all of our dumps are not aerobic but anaerobic and even real plants don’t decay because there is not enough air to allow decay and causes those real plants to off-gas methane gas.  Artificial plants, on the other hand, don’t release methane.

Which leads me to my first reason for being passionate about faux flowers and plants.

The fact they are so environmentally green is my first reason to love them. But, it is not how I came to be so passionate about them.

The beginning of my love for plants came about as I grew up on a farm and I learned a love for nature.  I always loved having live plants in my room growing up, but in college and while working full time, I didn’t have time to be out in nature as much as I would have preferred, so I decorated my apartment with some easier-to-care for plants like ferns.

These interior plants brought nature to me and it kept me happy. My plants were inviting, comforting and beautiful all at the same time.  Then…I went on to law school and free time grew even more precious, and I found myself totally forgetting to water my plants. As the spare time I had to take care of my plants diminished, so did my plants.

My guilt for neglecting my plants, combined with the stress of school was a bit much.

Here is where my love for faux plants and flowers first began. I began integrating only with the most realistic faux plants into my decor. I kept easy-to-maintain live succulents like cactus and jade plants. They were easier, and less time-intensive, so combining them with artificial plants made more sense.

Pro Tip: Since you want them to look real, here are some suggestions in evaluating a faux plant: a realistic looking trunk or stem, some imperfections on the leaves, variation in the coloration, and an occasional free stem. Choose only flowers or plants in a color that matches what grows in nature. The faux plant also needs to be planted in something that resembles dirt or moss.

The addition of realistic faux plants and flowers allowed me to stay close to nature in my life and brings me to my second reason.

The fact that artificial plants offer extravagant beauty and years of durability and enjoyment is another reason I am so passionate about them.

The most important thing to know if you’re going to “go faux” is, you must commit to the highest quality materials.  Only the very best faux plants will be realistic enough to simulate the real thing.  T

his means you’re going to spend more money, as the best faux plants are pricey. Always keep in mind, this plant will last you a life time, so think of it as an investment in beauty.

Although the initial price may seem high, they are quite cost effective when you consider the time saved in eliminating most maintenance, as there is no watering, cleanup, spraying, repotting, outgrowing a space or replacement when compared to real plants. Compared to cheap artificials, the more expensive, well-made, fade resistant, and realistic faux plants will last years while looking largely unchanged.

The cheaper artificial variety are less durable, less realistic, less cleanable, and often fade while continuing to speak loudly that they are fake.

Although faux plants don’t produce oxygen from carbon dioxide like real plants, they still provide many of the same emotional and health benefits of real plants which include increases in serenity, decreases in anxiety, lower blood pressures, and better sleep.

In the workplace, as well, there is documentation of improved focus and of innovative new ideas being fostered in environments where artificial plants are used in the décor. To achieve this benefit at work, be sure to include faux botanicals in your work spaces.


The third reason I am sooo passionate about artificial plants, flowers and trees is they provide a de-stressing environment to my home that allows me to enjoy a proven health benefit and my family benefits from this feature as well.

Time is often the limiting factor in our lives.  No one has more than 24 hours in a day.

Faux botanicals offer the health benefits of the beauty in nature that de-stresses by its presence. It doesn’t require more time, more effort, or more planning.

Whatever your time challenges…no child care, having two jobs, taking care of an aging parent, volunteering, caring for a handicapped family member or all of the above, faux botanicals give you the benefits of flowers and plants in your home without any maintenance time required.

PRO-TIP: De-stressing With Faux Plants

How does decoration with faux plants and flowers work to your advantage?  Since faux flowers and plants enhance your likelihood of relaxing when you arrive home and bring you the health benefit of spending time in nature, try this! Design a “destress pathway” beginning in your entryway and leading into your living room which will assist in relaxation from the moment you get home from work.

Sink into the couch and enjoy a quiet 5-10 minutes of beauty and ambiance of the small botanical garden you create in your front room.  It requires no babying, no watering, no picking up fallen leaves and no disposal of dead plants.  Even that beautiful vase of faux tropical flowers on your coffee table may have been very expensive, but it will give you hours to years of enjoyment. It will not need watering. The water will not turn sour and green. The leaves will not dry and fall off or require you to clean up.

Just sit back, relax, and let your plants absorb some of that stress.

My fourth and favorite reason to love faux botanicals is that I enjoy and benefit from them year after year without any significant time requirement or maintenance.

I’ll go into more details about the best ways to care for your faux botanicals in future blog posts.


My fifth reason for loving faux flowers, plants and trees is that they are hypoallergenic.

I don’t have worry about the allergies of my loved one to dirt or grass or certain trees. I just find a beautiful realistic faux simulation, and enjoy!

Faux botanicals are being utilized more and more in offices, waiting rooms, and hospitals, not just for their cost effectiveness, low maintenance, and health enhancement, but because they are not problematic for those with significant lung diseases and allergy issues.

My sixth reason for being so passionate about faux flowers and plants is they make wonderful gifts.

They are maintenance free, they don’t require a green thumb, and they are lovely for giving to family members or friends in assisted care. They are hypoallergenic, enhance health, happiness, and well-being, besides being a long-term reminder that someone cares. How many other gifts can stand the test of time like that?

And what a great gift for those who just don’t have a green thumb? Realistic faux plants are not just for the time challenged people on the planet, but also for those folks who are tried and true serial plant killers. Even the genetically doomed black thumb gardeners can have beautiful plants and flowers that enhance their lives and all their living spaces. Faux botanicals make wonderful gifts in this instance.

There you have it. A little about my passion for faux trees, plants, and shrubs and six good reasons for you to think about adding some greenery to your life, home, and workplace.

Have experiences with faux plants?

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I am including a picture of an area of plants in my home that are that mix of real and faux… can you be sure which is which?

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