Should You Decorate With Artificial Or Fake Plants? The Answer Is Yes!

Should You Decorate With Faux Plants

I’m not much of a rule-breaker, but sometimes rules were made to be broken. Here are some of my favorites.

No white shoes after Labor Day.

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Whoever made that rule probably lived in the Arctic, where you need to trade out your summer shoes for snow boots on September 1. Here in the Midwest, it can be 80 degrees well into October. White shoes are just fine after Labor Day.

Navy and black don’t go together.

This is just silly. Navy and black look fine together and are a fantastic color combination for both fashion and decorating.

And, my personal favorite.

Never decorate with faux plants.

This rule came into being back when fake, plastic plants looked like, well, fake, plastic plants. But the quality of artificial plant décor has improved to the point where it’s sometimes hard to tell a fake plant from a real one. In fact, it’s sometimes better to use a faux plant in certain spaces in your home where it would be hard to grow a live one.

According to website Refinery29, Millennials are leading the charge on using artificial plants in their decorating. No matter your age, there are plenty of benefits of using artificial plants for home décor instead of using real plants. Here are just a few:

Reason #1 – You can’t kill them.

Before the advent of artificial flowers, those without green thumbs were out of luck when it came to having flowers and plants in their homes. Now, realistic faux flowers and plants mean you can decorate your office or living room with any type of plant without worrying about killing them a week after you purchase them.

This beautiful hydrangea arrangement is a simple yet unique décor addition to any living or dining room!

Reason #2 – Artificial plants, trees, flowers, and arrangements work nearly anywhere.

Dark rooms, cold basements, and front porches that get too hot in the summer are all candidates for artificial plants. Maybe your home office doesn’t get a lot of sunlight, no worries. You can now have artificial flowers for your office that will brighten up your workspace.

The deep greens in this Anthurium Leaf arrangement are both interesting and beautiful to look at! A great décor add to any room.

Reason #3 – You can purchase artificial flowers to match any color scheme.

With faux flowers and plants, you’re not limited to what’s in season or what’s available in your area of the world. The entire pantheon of flora is available for use in your décor. Looking for something blue to spruce up your living room? Using artificial flowers in your living room will give you a variety of plants from which to choose.

This purple Vanda Orchid and Succulent arrangement would look beautiful in a living room or dining room.

Reason #4 – Your artificial arrangements won’t annoy your guests who suffer from allergies.

While live plants offer air-cleaning benefits, they can be a nightmare for people with allergies. Pollen from the plants can play havoc with their sinuses, and they may not even realize you have a plant in the house that is causing it.

Artificial plant décor lets you create a beautifully decorated home that everyone that walks through the door can enjoy.

At 49″ tall this Lilac and Twig arrangement is substantial, but simple enough to complement any home’s décor – Especially your home entry way!

Reason #5 – Artificial plants and flowers are so easy to take care of.

Some houseplants can be almost as time-consuming as pets. They need to be watered and pruned and kept at the right temperature. Some plants need the correct soil pH or are finicky about temperature. Faux plants don’t care how you treat them. Make sure you dust them off every now and then and rotate them a couple times of year to keep them from fading unevenly, then forget about them. If you don’t need one more thing to add to your daily to-do list, then fake plants are definitely the way to go.

The days of following outdated decorating rules are gone. Artificial flowers and plants are an easy and efficient way to create a beautiful space that everyone can enjoy and that doesn’t require a lot of your time to maintain.

If you’re not sure where to start in your decorating quest, check out some of my favorite tips for decorating with flowers. But, remember, getting started is easy. Just think about where you would put live flowers, then substitute them with artificial ones. Give faux plants and flowers a try in your home.

And, as always, be sure to let me know if you have any questions!

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