Reasons a Pink Lady Plant Should Be Part of Your Home or Office Décor 

The pink lady plant is such a sweet surprise when you come across it that you know you just have to take it home with you. It has waxy green and pinkish/purplish leaves that are tiny and delicate, giving it the appearance of having just sprung directly from a fairytale.  

These beauties will spill over pots, making them great shelf plants or even hanging plants. They can create an air of mystery in your home, and they are quite easy to care for.  

A Pink Lady Plant Is Good for Homes and Offices  

While it looks like this plant will take a ton of your time and energy, you only need to know a few tricks to keep it happy then you can luxuriate in its joyful foliage for years to come.  

A Pink Lady Plant Is Good for Homes and Offices

Also known as a turtle vine because of its habit of trailing and spilling out over the edges of the pots and dangling its vines down, this greenery will brighten up any space. Just don’t keep it in a location that gets direct sunlight, or its leaves will burn.  

Like any succulent, the Callisia repens will provide any room with oxygen and clear it of contaminants. It will also simply improve your mood, as most plants do.  

Finally, the pink lady is a great conversation piece, so be sure to give it a prime location.  

Are Pink Lady Plants Good for the Feng Shui Flow of a Room?  

The pink lady plant, native to Mexico and Central and South America is not just easy to care for, it is also great for the feng shui in your home.  

It symbolizes strength, vitality, and adaptability. Keep it in a warm, humid room of your home, like the kitchen, where it can send positive health vibes to everyone who enters.  

There is so much to learn about feng shui, and if you would like to know more, I have linked this master class article on how to use feng shui for those interested in diving deeper.  

Are Pink Lady Plants Easy to Grow and Maintain?  

Yes. The pink lady plant is easy to grow and maintain with just a bit of time and attention.  

How Do Pink Lady Plants Grow?  

As a succulent native to warm regions of Central and South America, this plant is used to being shaded by larger trees in forest and jungles and getting plenty of water in rainforests. Thus, you will need to keep the soil moist and the leaves away from direct sunlight.  

What Kind of Soil Does a Pink Lady Plant Need?  

A nice indoor potting soil is perfect for the Callisia repens. Be sure it is well draining and does not hold moisture.  

How Much Light Does a Pink Lady Plant Need?  

The pink lady wants plenty of bright, indirect sunlight, so you can keep it near an eastern- or western-facing window. Just keep it out of direct sunlight.  

How Much Water Does a Pink Lady Plant Need?  

Unlike many succulents, the turtle vine actually thrives in moist soil, so be sure not to let it dry out fully.  

To be test the soil, stick your finger just into the surface of the soil. If you notice it is still moist, you can leave it. If the soil has started to dry out, go ahead and water it again, allowing the water to fully drain from the bottom of the pot.  

Watering any plant can be tricky, so to get more in-depth information, check out my other article for signs, tips, and tricks to avoiding common watering mistakes 

Other Conditions that Are Important to a Pink Lady Plant  

Possibly your biggest concern with a pink lady is not to allowing its leaves to scorch in the sunlight.  

You also want to watch for root rot. While the plant loves moist soil, you don’t want to overwater it.  

Finally, be sure you keep it in a room that will remain warm. An overly air-conditioned room or office space may cause the plant to become a bit dull and lifeless.  

As a hardy plant, you typically will not have to worry about pests or diseases, but if you do notice bugs on your plant, check the soil to be sure you are not overwatering then spray the plant liberally with neem oil to keep the bugs away. 

Pink Lady Plant Decorating Ideas  

With the pink lady, you’ll want to give it a location where it can be fully admired. Hanging from a low shelf at eye level would be ideal.  

You can also keep it in a pot on the shelf where the vines can drape down and over the space below. 

Surround this plant with other succulents to create a succulent garden effect, or keep it suspended above a much larger plant, like the monstera, so the water can drip down and feed the larger plant.  

The turtle vine truly is versatile for decorating as it pairs well with anything and stands alone beautifully.  

Do Fake Pink Lady Plants Look Real?  

Of all the fake plants that look real, the pink lady is perhaps the most popular as it already looks unreal in its live version. With the waxy leaves and striking pink/purple colors mixed with green, you cannot go wrong with an artificial pink lady plant.  

Do Fake Pink Lady Plants Look Real  

Still, it is worth trying your hand at keeping a live one around for a while if you’re up to it. This plant can turn a black thumb green! 

And if you’re worried that fake plants aren’t on trend, check out my piece on whether artificial plants and flowers are tacky. 

Whether fake or real, at home or in the office, the pink lady will brighten up your space and have you singing its praises in no time at all! 

What has your experience been with a pink lady plant? How do you decorate your home or office with this lovely turtle vine? Let me know in the comments. I love to hear from my readers! 

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