Reasons a Never Never Plant Should Be Part of Your Home or Office Décor

If you have room for a plant that will grow up to three and a half feet tall on strong, bamboo-like stalks, look no further than the never never plant. With yellow and green variegated leaves that have purple undersides, it is a magnificent plant to behold, especially as it rises up on its stalks over time.  

If you’ve been asking yourself, “Should I get a never never plant?” the answer is a resounding yes.  

While they are not the easiest to care for, the Ctenthe setosa is not too difficult to care for either.  

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And it will make a lovely addition to any home or office space.  

A Never Never Plant Is Good for Homes and Offices 

The truth is that any plant can be a wonderful addition to your space as long as you learn to care for it and it matches your vibe and decor.  

A Never Never Plant Is Good for Homes and Offices 

The never never plant is ideal for a large corner or under a large bay window that does not get too much sun. It takes up space, to say the least.  

A tropical plant native to Brazil and other parts of South and Central America, the never never plant also goes by its nickname, the prayer plant, as it folds up its leaves at night as if in prayer only to open them back up in the morning light.  

With its striking colors and commanding height, you can place this plant alone in a single large, white pot on the floor and allow it to be a statement piece.  

Or you can add it to a plant corner of sorts, where it will be surrounded by other tropical plants.   

Are Never Never Plants Good for the Feng Shui Flow of a Room? 

The never never plant, like most plants, is excellent for your mental health, will purify the air in your room, provide oxygen, and it’s great for feng shui! 

Because it grows tall on strong stalks, the never never plant symbolizes strength and resilience. The greens and purples also represent wealth, prosperity, and nobility, all great energy vibrations.  

Keep this plant in your office to attract financial wealth and the strength to drive your business.  

Also, the fact that it closes at night symbolizes cyclical living and meditation, so you can keep it in a general living space or near an altar to remind you to slow down and be more mindful.  

To learn more about establishing feng shui and flow in your home or office, check out the master class article on how to use feng shui. 

Are Never Never Plants Easy to Grow and Maintain? 

The never never plant should not be categorized as easy to care for or to maintain.  

How Do Never Never Plants Grow? 

These plants are picky about the humidity, preferring 70% humidity, can sunburn easily, and need just enough water, but not too much.  

How Do Never Never Plants Grow?


However, once you figure out its patterns, it is not difficult to maintain either. It’s just about tuning into your prayer plant.  

What Kind of Soil Does a Never Never Plant Need? 

The Ctenthe wants a well-drained soil that will provide rich nutrients.  

You can choose a simple indoor houseplant soil and provide a basic plant nutrient once a month.  

How Much Light Does a Never Never Plant Need? 

Be sure to place your never never plant in medium or bright indirect sunlight. It will burn easily if left in direct light.  

At the same time, if this gorgeous green, leafy plant does not get enough sun, let’s say you stick it in a corner, the leaves will grow too dark, and its high-gloss sheen will start to fade.  

How Much Water Does a Never Never Plant Need? 

This tropical plants wants moist soil but never soggy soil, so be sure you learn to test the soil for too much moisture.  

How Much Water Does a Never Never Plant Need?

As a general rule with the never never plant, you can stick your finger into the soil every other day to measure its moisture level. 

If you stick your finger in and the soil is dry, water it. If you can still feel moisture, leave it for another couple of days.  

Take a look at this article on watering mistakes you’re making that are killing your plants for more tips. 

Other Conditions that Are Important to a Never Never Plant 

Remember the humidity with this plant. While it will tolerate a lower humidity, it does prefer at least 70% humidity to thrive. So, keep it in a warm, moist environment.  

It’s a good rule to surround the never never plant with other tropical plants and spray them frequently in a warm room. They will create their own humidity.  

Never Never Plant Decorating Ideas 

A nice bright corner where the never never plant can take up space is ideal, accompanied by other tropical plants that are shorter to give the never never plant a chance to shine from above.  

You can either use this plant to spruce up a neutral or minimalist space, or you can create a whole tropical vibe complete with bright colors and textured fabrics.  

One thing is certain, the never never plant is eye catching, so keep it some place where it can do just that.  

Do Fake Never Never Plants Look Real? 

Real never never plants look fake! With their glossy leaves and variegated coloring, people might want to reach out and pinch it to be sure it’s real.  

Do Fake Never Never Plants Look Real?

Which means that yes, a fake never never plant would look just as real as a real one would, especially in today’s climate of top-quality artificial plants.  

Just be sure to wipe down the leaves frequently, so it doesn’t collect dust, and you’ll be good to go.  

If you still struggle to keep plants alive, and you have killed one or more beautiful plants, you can always start out with a fake one instead. Check out my piece on whether artificial plants and flowers are tacky. 

Either way, you can’t go wrong bringing this one into your home or office.  

Do you already have a never never plant? How do you decorate your home or office with it? Tell me about your experience with the never never plant in the comments below.  

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