Reasons a Micans Plant Should Be Part of Your Home or Office Décor

The philodendron micans plant is easy to care for and fast-growing. It is lovely and powerful, taking up space and owning it with everything it’s got.

You’ll love having this seemingly wild vining foliage in your home or office. Let’s talk about how to care for it!

A Micans Plant Is Good for Homes and Offices

A Micans Plant Is Good for Homes and Offices 

Native to the Caribbean islands, the philodendron micans plant, also known as the velvet leaf, thrives in warm weather and bright indirect light. It’s got heart-shaped, almost neon green leaves with hints of red and gold, and they’re velvety to the touch, soft as flower petals.

They root in soil, but then the stems root to solid surfaces, organic and inorganic, to climb. It will scale a tree trunk as much as it will creep up the side of a wall or window.

Keep it close to a bright window with several hours of indirect light, and it will grow quickly. You might even see the leaves grow larger and change shape!

These large, lovely leaves will absorb your common household toxins like formaldehyde and exude fresh oxygen into the room.

Are Micans Plants Good for the Feng Shui Flow of a Room?

In addition to cleaning the air, the philodendron micans plant will also welcome positive feng shui energy into your home or office.

As a fast-growing, bright green plant of abundance that reaches out and extends itself in all directions, this vine spreads love into every corner of your house. Place it in your bedroom or in a room where family gathers, and you can count on it to channel love, romantic or familial.

It’s also an ideal plant for health and wealth, so if that’s your hope, place it in a southeast or east-facing direction of your home or office and have faith in your plant to do its thing!

For those interested in learning more about feng shui practices, check out this master class article on how to use feng shui.

Are Micans Plants Easy to Grow and Maintain?

Micans are spectacularly easy to grow and maintain. You just need the right soil, water, and light, and you’ll be ready to watch this foliage thrive.

How Do Micans Plants Grow?

As a Caribbean plant, this greenery grows best with bright, indirect light and an anchor to climb. Just be sure it doesn’t get burned by direct sunlight or get dehydrated.

What Kind of Soil Does a Micans Plant Need?

The micans plant, also known by its botanical name, Philodendron hederaceum, calls for a mixture of common houseplant soil and larger material like bark and pearlite, which will create air pockets that ensure the soil does not hold onto water.

How Much Light Does a Micans Plant Need?

You can ensure the micans plant gets plenty of bright, indirect sunlight from a northern-facing window as long as it gets several hours of that light. Eastern and western facing windows will do as well.

You’ll have to be careful with south-facing windows because the leaves may get burned and the soil may dry up too quickly to keep up with.

How Much Water Does a Micans Plant Need?

The micans plant wants to be watered regularly and not allowed to fully dry out, so you’ll have to pay attention to the soil. Stick your finger in the soil a few times a week. When you feel moisture, you can leave the plant to continue to dry out.

Once you stick your finger several inches into the soil and don’t feel moisture, you can water the plant thoroughly, so the water runs through the bottom of the pot. Then allow it to fully dry out again.

For more information on watering plants, check out my other article for signs, tips, and tricks to avoiding watering mistakes.

Other Conditions that Are Important to a Micans Plant

The micans plant is not particularly prone to pests or diseases. If you happen to notice any mealybugs or white flies on the plant, simply spray it with neem oil and wipe off any bugs. Spray the plant a few times a week until you notice all the bugs are gone.

Furthermore, this philodendron loves a bit of fertilizer during the warmer months. You can feed it with a diluted liquid fertilizer twice a month to keep it happy and growing well.

Micans Plant Decorating Ideas

This climbing, creeping, dangling foliage wants plenty of room to spread out, so suspend it from a tall ceiling or place it on a tall shelf to give it a chance to anchor to a nearby wall or dangle itself from the pot and toward the floor. You can also offer it a moss pole or a wire rack to attach itself to and create a viny backdrop.

Do Fake Micans Plants Look Real?

Do Fake Micans Plants Look Real

In the end, if you cannot keep up with the needs of a real micans plant, you can always invest in an artificial one. You’ll have to get used to the fact that the plant won’t grow in abundance if it’s fake, but you can get a beautiful fake one that looks just like the real thing.

And if you’re wondering if artificial plants are even in style, check out my piece on whether artificial plants and flowers are tacky.

Either way you go, fake or real, you cannot go wrong with a micans plant in your home or office. Once you watch it start spreading out and growing, you’ll be so happy it’s yours.

Do you have a micans plant in your home or office? How do you care for it? Where do you keep it? Let me know in the comments. I love to hear from my readers.

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