Reasons a Joseph’s Coat Plant Should Be Part of Your Home or Office Décor

The Joseph’s coat plant is native to Mexico and hot regions in the United States, but it can thrive in virtually any warm home that has regular access to sunlight, which makes it a great option for your home or office.  

Traditionally used as ground cover, the Joseph’s coat plant, or Amaranthacaea, can function well as an outdoor plant, but for most people in the United States, it will likely be a better option in a hanging basket in pretty much any space indoors near direct sunlight.  

A Joseph’s Coat Plant Is Good for Homes and Offices 

The leaves of the Joseph’s coat plant can come in greens, purples, pinks, yellows, and burgundy along with sweet little white flowers that will also sometimes bloom, depending on the strain of the Amaranthacaea to which the Joseph’s coat belongs.  

A Joseph’s Coat Plant Is Good for Homes and Offices

This lovely plant will grow well hanging in a basket in a window on its own or alongside other plants well known for their leaves.  

It can also accompany plants with pretty, little flowers.  

As a plant with abundant greenery, you can count on the Joseph’s coat to purify the air in your home or office, and you can also look to it for good feng shui. 

Are Joseph’s Coat Plants Good for the Feng Shui Flow of a Room? 

Because they are so easy to care for, grow slowly but surely, and are a vibrant green with plenty of leaves in multiple colors, the Joseph’s coat plant provides an amazing energy of abundance, health, and even financial prosperity.  

It is a calming plant that gives off more positive energy than the attention it requires.  

To learn more about establishing feng shui and flow in your home or office, check out the master class article on how to use feng shui. 

Are Joseph’s Coat Plants Easy to Grow and Maintain? 

Given direct sunlight, regular watering, and frequent fertilization, the Joseph’s coat plant is more than easy to care for. It will mind its own sweet and pretty business, ready to be admired.  

How Do Joseph’s Coat Plants Grow? 

The Joseph’s coat plant typically grows as ground cover and in abundance in hot regions. It is subject to freezing in extreme cold, so for those how plan to grow it in areas with rough winters, use it as an indoor plant in a pot.  

How Do Joseph’s Coat Plants Grow?

It will grow well in direct sunlight but introduce it slowly to the light so as not to shock it.  

If it is in a pot, it is best to place it first in indirect light then later move it to direct sunlight but, if you are growing it from a seed, you can place the plant in direct sunlight from the start.  

The Joseph’s coat plant requires about an inch of water per week except in cooler months when it will go dormant and does not require much water at all.  

What Kind of Soil Does a Joseph’s Coat Plant Need? 

The Amaranthacaea plant calls for a nutrient-rich potting soil and does not need much fertilizer. You can give it a houseplant fertilizer once a month or so for a nutrient boost.  

The most important thing is to give the plant a well-drained soil as it will suffer from root rot if it is overwatered. 

How Much Light Does a Joseph’s Coat Plant Need? 

Remember this plant is native to Mexico and hot regions of the U.S., so it wants abundant, direct light.  

In fact, when it does not get enough sunlight, the vibrant colors of the leaves – the pinks, purples, and yellows – often will not reveal themselves, and the leaves will simply remain green.  

How Much Water Does a Joseph’s Coat Plant Need? 

The Joseph’s coat plant needs regular watering, about an inch per week.  

How Much Water Does a Joseph’s Coat Plant Need?

Indeed, probably the most difficult part of maintaining a Joseph’s coat plant is keeping it at the perfect water level because it will suffer from both too much water and not enough water.  

The best trick is to gauge your water levels by sticking your finger in the soil and feeling the top one inch. If it is dry, you can water the plant. If it is still moist, wait a few more days.  

Take a look at this article on watering mistakes you’re making that are killing your plants for more tips. 

Other Conditions that Are Important to a Joseph’s Coat Plant 

The biggest factor when it comes to keeping the Joseph’s coat plant alive is the watering factor. Because this plant loves humidity, you’ll need to maintain an environment of relative warmth and moisture, ideally between 65 degrees and 75 degrees Fahrenheit.  

Joseph’s Coat Plant Decorating Ideas 

The Joseph’s coat plant really can fit in anywhere you have a bright, sunny window.  

Joseph’s Coat Plant Decorating Ideas

It will ideally sit in a basket or a planter box where it can spread out and take up space.  

Because of its color, place it near other colorful plants or alone as the solo pop of color in a neutral space.  

Do Fake Joseph’s Coat Plants Look Real? 

The Joseph’s coat plant is such a shockingly vibrant plant with such interesting colors, that you can’t help but think these plants might not be real. So, of course, an artificial version will appear to be just as real as a live one.  

Still, it is worth giving the real one a try if you have an ideal, warm environment with bright light.  

They are not too expensive of an investment to see how it goes.  

If you still struggle to keep plants alive, and you have killed one or more of this beautiful plant, you can always try a fake one instead. Check out my piece on whether artificial plants and flowers are tacky. 

Either way, you can’t go wrong bringing this one into your home or office.  

Do you already have a Joseph’s coat plant? How do you decorate your home or office with it? Tell me about your experience with the Joseph’s coat plant in the comments below.  

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