Reasons a Hoya Retusa Plant Should Be Part of Your Home or Office Décor 

Perhaps one of the most interesting plants in a world filled with interesting plants is the hoya retusa, also known as the grass-leafed hoya. With extremely narrow, flat, paddle-like leaves that sprout off from the vines of the plant and pretty star-shaped white flowers with deep purple/pink centers, this succulent plant is truly unique.

It draws the eye, draping over a hanging pot or trailing down a bookshelf, and it provides a ton of benefits as well. For many reasons, the hoya retusa is a wonderful plant to add to your home or office space.

A Hoya Retusa Plant Is Good for Homes and Offices

A Hoya Retusa Plant Is Good for Homes and Offices  

While the primary reason to have a hoya retusa in your home or office is that it is just so freaking cool to look at, the next reason is that is so freaking easy to care for!

With just a bit of care, the hoya retusa will thrive and grow almost a foot long, enabling you to take cuttings and gift this fascinating plant to friends and family members.

While you’re sleeping, the grass-leafed hoya will provide you with oxygen, and while you’re busy running around during your day, the plant will absorb carbon dioxide and other toxins in your air.

It is clearly an excellent companion to have, and it will even brighten up the energy in your space.

Are Hoya Retusa Plants Good for the Feng Shui Flow of a Room?

In addition to the health benefits you’ll get from having a hoya retusa in your home or office, you will also reap tremendous feng shui energy.

As a succulent, the hoya retusa attracts abundance and wealth into your space, so experts advise placing this plant front and center, right next to your entryway, to bring in all the goodness. Succulents are also well known for brightening up dark energy, bringing in positive vibes, and managing unbalanced energy.

With a hoya retusa, you will get physical health benefits from breathing fresh air, mental health benefits from owning such a lovely plant and caring for it, and spiritual health benefits simply from having this feng shui super star in your presence.

If you’re interested in learning more about the fascinating subject of feng shui, check out this master class article on how to use feng shui.

Are Hoya Retusa Plants Easy to Grow and Maintain?

While most succulents are easy to care for, the hoya retusa is downright hard to kill. It will even give you pretty obvious signs if it is on its way out, so you can rush to correct any small errors you may have been unwittingly making.

How Do Hoya Retusa Plants Grow?

The hoya retusa is a tropical plant native to Southeast Asia, so it prefers a nice, warm, humid environment with plenty of indirect light.

What Kind of Soil Does a Hoya Retusa Plant Need?

Pot your grass-leafed hoya in well-draining soil that does not hold moisture.

How Much Light Does a Hoya Retusa Plant Need?

In terms of light, remember this is a small, trailing vine succulent from a tropical environment, where there are likely plenty of overhanging trees. Thus, the hoya retusa wants bright, indirect light, preferably through a dappled source, like a screen or curtain.

You can set it just back from a south-facing window or next to a north-facing window.

How Much Water Does a Hoya Retusa Plant Need?

Like most tropical plants, the hoya retusa needs to be watered fully so the water drains through then allowed to dry out completely until the surface of the soil is dry to the touch.

For more information on watering plants, check out my other article for signs, tips, and tricks to avoiding these watering mistakes.

Other Conditions that Are Important to a Hoya Retusa Plant

Of course, the biggest issue aside from the ones we’ve discussed here is the humidity. Tropical plants love humidity, and if you can grow the hoya retusa in a space that offers 60% to 80% humidity, you will be set.

If your space does not provide that level of humidity naturally, you can always invest in a humidifier, which will get the job done. If you go to this length, consider including other tropical plants that love humidity in the same space, so you feel like you got your money’s worth from the machine. Before you know it, you’ll have a regular hot house.

Hoya Retusa Plant Decorating Ideas

As a hanging or trailing vine plant, the grass-leafed hoya would look great near a doorway or hanging over a window, bringing a bit of coziness into your room. It is also a wonderful greeting to have in your entryway.

Furthermore, you could introduce several other tropical plants and create a greenhouse or tropical garden in your home or office. It would create a whole vibe for you and anyone who visits.

Do Fake Hoya Retusa Plants Look Real?

Do Fake Hoya Retusa Plants Look Real  

While the hoya retusa is spectacularly easy to care for, you might be allergic to plants, or maybe you’re just never home to care for a live plant. In that case, you can totally invest in an artificial hoya retusa and expect it to look just like the real thing.

Fake plants these days come in such high quality, especially when we are talking about succulents, that you would be hard-pressed to tell the difference between a real and a fake hoya retusa.

If you’re thinking a fake plant might not be cool to have in your house, check out my piece on whether artificial plants and flowers are tacky.

Whether you choose real or fake, you can’t go wrong with a hoya retusa plant in your home or office. It is such a cool touch of greenery to have around.

What do you think? Do you have a hoya retusa in your home or office? How do you care for it? Let me know in the comments. I love to hear from my readers.

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