Reasons a Hot Lips Plant Should Be Part of Your Home or Office Décor 

The hot lips plant is a wonder to behold. With sweet blooms that do indeed resemble pursed lips ready for a kiss, the hot lips plant starts out with red flowers that burst from a green bush.

The flowers then turn an even bolder red with white tips then those blossoms can eventually turn all white by the time fall arrives. It feels quite magical to have in the house as this type of color shifting is extremely rare in flowers.

As such, it is a pure delight to have in your home or office and quite easy to care for in most circumstances.

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A Hot Lips Plant Is Good for Homes and Offices

A Hot Lips Plant Is Good for Homes and Offices  

Drought tolerant, hardy, and even able to withstand a winter frost, you can keep this plant pretty much anywhere you have enough sunlight and access to regular watering. Native to Mexico, the Salvia microphylla is actually a sage plant, so you not only get the glorious blooms, but you also get abundant fragrance to go with it.

As long as you have enough sun flowing into your room from a large window, you should be able to get this plant to thrive in your home or office. It will clean the air for you by absorbing toxins during the day and releasing oxygen at night, so you could even place it in your bedroom to ensure you have the best air while you sleep.

Wherever you keep it, the hot lips plant is sure to be an attention grabber and a conversation starter, whether for its blooms or its scent.

Are Hot Lips Plants Good for the Feng Shui Flow of a Room?

Of all the plants that bring good energy into your home or office, the hot lips is at the top of the list of most positive plants. As a sage plant, the Salvia is one that will breath happy, light energy into your home as well as rid any space of bitterness and old, anxious, or angry energy.

You never even have to clip it or dry it. Simply keep it happy with sunshine and water, and you’re set. To learn more about the wonders of feng shui, check out this master class article on how to use Feng Shui.

Are Hot Lips Plants Easy to Grow and Maintain?

The hot lips plant is a rugged flowering bush used to droughts, hot weather, full sun, and other temperature extremes, and still it thrives, so yes, we can say this is a plant is quite easy to grow and maintain.

How Do Hot Lips Plants Grow?

As noted above, the hot lips plant grows as a bush with the flowers sprouting up and outward on long stems.

What Kind of Soil Does a Hot Lips Plant Need?

This Salvia plant will want a light, airy soil that does not hold moisture. Look for a light, well-draining indoor houseplant soil.

How Much Light Does a Hot Lips Plant Need?

Your hot lips plant calls for full sun and partial shade. Sometimes you truly can leave your Salvia in the sun all day, but it really depends on the sun.

These plants are native to the Pacific Coast all the way down into Mexico and across the southernmost coast of the United States, so they are used to dry, hot sun. Still, too much harsh sunlight may burn the plant, so it would be wise to ensure it gets a few hours of shade each day.

How Much Water Does a Hot Lips Plant Need?

Again, this plant is drought tolerant, so you can likely get away with watering it once a week during summer and even less frequently during colder months when it will lie dormant.

The best way to know when to water it is to stick your finger in the soil. If you feel any moisture at all, leave the plant for now. If the soil is completely dry, you can go ahead and water.

For more information on watering plants, check out my other article for signs, tips, and tricks to avoiding these watering mistakes.

Other Conditions that Are Important to a Hot Lips Plant

Do be aware that as a natural light lover, this plant is unlikely to tolerate a dark, shady corner of your home. If you hope to grow this plant indoors, be sure to place it right in a window that gets full sun for several hours each day.

Furthermore, you are probably not going to have to worry about pests or disease with this hardy plant, but if your hot lips does develop any visitors like aphids or mealybugs, simply spray the plant liberally with neem oil to get them off and prevent them from coming back.

Hot Lips Plant Decorating Ideas

The hot lips plant in full bloom would look lovely on your desk in front of a window or sitting on a pretty table next to a large window of your home. You could even place it in a hanging pot outside the window in full sun, so you can get the benefits of the plant while you’re indoors, but it can reap the rewards of being outside and getting all that sunlight.

Place the plant in a neutral-colored pot so as not to detract from its vibrant blooms, and you can pair it with other pollinator plants right outside your door to attract hummingbirds, butterflies, and honeybees.

Do Fake Hot Lips Plants Look Real?

Do Fake Hot Lips Plants Look Real  

The hot lips plant is one of those plants that looks fake because it is so vibrant and interesting, so if you feel like you can’t care for a live hot lips, you should absolutely consider investing in an artificial version.

Today, fake plants look so real that you will want to touch them to be sure they aren’t. And if you’re worried about whether you will be on trend or not, check out my piece on whether artificial plants and flowers are tacky.

Whether you go fake or real, you will be so happy you incorporated a hot lips plant into your home or office décor.

What do you think? Do you have a hot lips plant in your home or office? How do you care for it? Let me know in the comments. I love to hear from my readers.

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