Reasons a Dinosaur Plant Should Be Part of Your Home or Office Décor 

The dinosaur plant is not just a great plant to have in your home or office because it is easy to care for. It is also a genuinely fascinating plant to behold, making it a true work of art.

It is also known as the resurrection plant and the Rose of Jericho, all names that refer to this plant’s intriguing ability to resurrect itself with water.

Whether you’re intrigued by its abilities or just in love with the look of this plant, it is the perfect plant for nearly any room.

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A Dinosaur Plant Is Good for Homes and Offices

A Dinosaur Plant Is Good for Homes and Offices

The dino plant, or Selaginella lepidophylla, is a plant with an ancient history that relates it to the fern, though it is not actually a fern. It lies in this space between a common plant, which reproduces through flowering and producing seeds, and asexually reproducing with spores, like plants do.

The dino plant unfurls interesting fern-like fronds that resemble wolf’s feet, which is what gives the plant family it comes from its name — Lycopodiophyta.

When the plant dries up, the edges of the plant begin to get dry and crispy and super curly. The result is a multicolored plant, with greens on the inner parts of the plant and brown edges that get more brown over time.

This lovely plant will also clean the air in your environment and breathe oxygen into your space while you sleep. You can’t lose!

Are Dinosaur Plants Good for the Feng Shui Flow of a Room?

The dinosaur plant is a self-resurrecting plant that can lie dormant for weeks and even months then come back to life by being submerged in water for several days. After even a day, you’ll notice the brown bits of the plant turning fresh and green once more.

Of course, the Rose of Jericho is excellent for feng shui, bringing strong life-sustaining energy, breathing life back into what you once thought was dead. It’s also a fern-like plant, so it is a symbol of wealth and abundance.

For those interested in learning more about feng shui practices, check out this master class article on how to use feng shui.

Are Dinosaur Plants Easy to Grow and Maintain?

The dinosaur plant is both hardy and easy to grow and maintain. All it takes is a bit of love and attention.

How Do Dinosaur Plants Grow?

To activate this plant, you’ll submerge the roots and the lower stems of the plant fully in water. Leave the tops of the plant out of water.

Change the water every couple of days. After about a month, you can remove the plant from the water and allow it to dry out.

What Kind of Soil Does a Dinosaur Plant Need?

You don’t need soil for a dinosaur plant. You can simply place it in a large bowl with pebbles at the bottom.

How Much Light Does a Dinosaur Plant Need?

The resurrection plant loves light. Keep it in a place where it can get plenty of bright, indirect sunlight. However, it will be okay with a few hours of direct sunlight as well.

How Much Water Does a Dinosaur Plant Need?

Be sure you fully submerge your Rose of Jericho in water, with just the tops of the leaves peeking out. Give the plant breaks every few weeks, allowing it to dry out for several days to weeks.

You’ll know your plant is ready to be submerged again when it starts drying up, and the leaves curl tightly, getting progressively browner.

For more information on watering plants, check out my other article for signs, tips, and tricks to avoid  watering mistakes.

Other Conditions that Are Important to a Dinosaur Plant

You don’t typically have to fertilize the dinosaur plant. Once or twice a year you can add diluted houseplant fertilizer to the water in your plant. You also don’t usually have to prune this plant, but you can cut away any dead parts that don’t resurrect when you place it back in water.

Finally, be sure to keep the plant moderately heated as it cannot tolerate extreme heat or cold. Also consider running a humidifier regularly in the room with the dino plant, so it can stay moist as it is a moisture-loving plant.

Dinosaur Plant Decorating Ideas

You can decorate any space, at home or in your office, with a dinosaur plant. It only reaches about a half a foot tall and the same width, so it won’t take up much space.

The best idea is to place it in a wide, clear glass bowl with colorful pebbles at the bottom of the bowl. Cover the pebbles with water then place the plant on top of the pebbles. This presentation will create a magical appearance when placed on any surface in virtually any room.

Do Fake Dinosaur Plants Look Real?

Do Fake Dinosaur Plants Look Real

If, in the end, you find keeping track of the wet and dry periods for this resurrection plant too difficult, you can always invest in a fake dinosaur plant. After all, this plant is so unreal looking that it’s almost unbelievable when it’s alive. A fake dinosaur plant can look just like the real thing, and it can still bring so many benefits to your space energetically and mentally.

And if you’re wondering if artificial plants are even in style, check out my piece on whether artificial plants and flowers are tacky.

Fake or real, the dinosaur plant is an amazing, fern-like foliage to have around. You’ll love having this plant in your space as a conversation piece and a pick-me-up.

Do you have a dinosaur plant in your home or office? Where do you keep it? How do you care for it? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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