Reasons a Curly Spider Plant Should Be Part of Your Home or Office Décor 

The curly spider plant is the perfect cute and curly version of the much larger spider plant to keep in your home or office.  

Native to Africa and Australia, this adorable compact plant is both hardy and neutral enough to place pretty much anywhere. Caring for the Chlorophytum Bonnie is a dream for those still finding their green thumbs.  

A Curly Spider Plant Is Good for Homes and Offices  

Growing to just 8 inches tall, this cute, soft, swirly plant, nicknamed the airplane plant, is a wonderful addition to a table adjacent to a window or even in a bathroom or kitchen with some gentle humidity. It has variegated white and green leaves that curl in spirals like zucchini pasta noodles.  

A Curly Spider Plant Is a Great Choice for Your Home or Office  

It looks great sitting in a pot on a table or hanging suspended from the ceiling. It does not typically flower indoors, but under certain circumstances, you may find star-shaped white flowers blooming from long stems.  

While curly spider plants are typically perennial, dying and returning each spring, as indoor plants, they can thrive year-round, as long as the temperature remains between 55 degrees and 70 degrees Fahrenheit.  

It is also not a needy plant in terms of extra care, so if you decide to fertilize it, you can use a diluted liquid fertilizer just once a month for a little pick-me-up.  

Be mindful, also, that if the airplane plant does flower, it will attract common pollinators like butterflies, hummingbirds, and even bees. So, if you leave your plant near an open window, you might be inviting them indoors. 

Are Curly Spider Plants Good for the Feng Shui Flow of a Room?  

The curly spider plant is great for feng shui. It is well known for absorbing negative energy and, in turn, sending out energetic vibes that radiate positivity. Its leaves symbolize stability, thanks to their length, sturdiness, and durability.  

Furthermore, the fact that these plants are so hardy means they are less likely to die. This news is good, considering it is not advisable for feng shui flow to have dead plants in your home.  

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Are Curly Spider Plants Easy to Grow and Maintain?  

All things considered, curly spider plants are among the easiest plants to grow.  

How Do Curly Spider Plants Grow?  

This lovely foliage grows well both outdoors in warm climates and indoors in temperate homes. They are not frost resistant and cannot withstand too much water or humidity.  

What Kind of Soil Does a Curly Spider Plant Need?  

The curly spider plant does best in light, well-draining soil. It does not need much fertilizer, if any, so just be sure to pot it in a pot with good drainage holes and a plate to collect excess water as this plant can become waterlogged easily and get root rot.  

How Much Light Does a Curly Spider Plant Need?  

Spider plants want bright or low indirect light. Definitely keep them out of direct sunlight as their delicate leaves can burn and crisp in bright sunlight.  

How Much Water Does a Curly Spider Plant Need?  

This little darling is great for people notorious for forgetting to water. Indeed, its only real problem is being overwatered.  

Check the soil to see if there is any moisture, and if you feel any, you can wait to water. Only water the curly spider plant when the soil has completely dried out. 

For extra tips on watering your plants, check out this article on watering mistakes you’re making that are killing your plants for more tips.  

Other Conditions that Are Important to a Curly Spider Plant  

Keep an eye on your curly spider plant’s roots and repot when necessary. The roots are strong and vibrant and will actually burst through a plant container if the plant is left in too small of a container. 

Curly Spider Plant Decorating Ideas  

The curly spider plant is an adorable accent plant option. You can put it in a neutral-colored pot – white, black, gray, or even a green or yellow – and allow the plant to stand on its own, attracting plant lovers who come through. Alternatively, you could choose a bold color or geometric pattern or an interesting shape or style to accent this cute plant’s leaves. 

Curly Spider Plant Decorating Ideas  

You can also hang the plant on its own from the ceiling or arrange it with other small pots of greenery.  

Honestly, the curly spider plant will look great in any room and as part of any arrangement. You cannot lose with this small foliage.  

Do Fake Curly Spider Plants Look Real?  

The curly spider plant is easy to care for, so you should not need to seek out an artificial version.  

But, it happens sometimes that you simply don’t have time to care for a live plant. Maybe you travel a lot, or you’re too busy to remember even the most infrequent watering.  

No need to worry. There are perfectly acceptable artificial options that look just like the real thing, and you can reap many of the same benefits, like positive vibes, from a fake curly spider plant.  

If you think for some reason you might be off trend, check out my piece on whether artificial plants and flowers are tacky. 

Fake or real, the curly spider plant is a wonderful addition to your home or office, and you can enjoy gazing over at its interesting and fun curls and swirls every chance you get.  

What has your experience been like with the curly spider plant? Have you had success with it as an indoor plant? Tell me all about it in the comments.   

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