Unique Planter Ideas for Your Home

While we all love gazing admiringly at the perfectly poised and positioned homes on Instagram and Pinterest, and we want to take inspiration from others, we are also called to make our own homes perfectly… us.

You want your home to reflect you, not someone else. This truth is nowhere more apparent than in the way we decorate, and it extends all the way to our choice of plants and even our choice of planters.

You don’t want some magazine cookie cutter planters that look the same as everyone else’s planters.

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If you’re in love with having a space filled with plants, but you’re reluctant to buy the same old boring pots and planters you find in nurseries or the plant sections of hardware and convenience stores, it’s time to think outside the box, the planter box, that is.

You can use literally anything for a planter; your options are only limited by whether your plant is live or artificial.

Live Plants Require More Consideration

Live Plants Require More Consideration

With live plants, planters must be able to manage moisture and not degrade over time. For this reason, most live planters are ceramic or glass because water won’t hurt them, and organic matter in the soil won’t break them down.

But fear not, these restrictions don’t have to limit your imagination. There is still so much you can do!

Plastic Tubs

You can take any type of plastic tub and repurpose it as a planter. This is great because it reduces waste and creates a beautiful option for holding your plants and flowers.

DIY ideas for planters and containers are virtually limitless. Get out your acrylic paints, stencils, spray paints, and some newspaper.

Before you throw that yogurt container in the trash, poke some holes in the bottom for drainage and get to crafting.

Poured Cement or Concrete

Another fun planter idea with yogurt containers or any other small-ish plastic tub is to pour concrete or cement inside and hollow it out with another tub to create a form.

Let the concrete dry, remove the plastic tubs, and you have your own concrete planter. Be sure to make holes for drainage so you don’t end up with root rot.

Recycled Plastic Kids Toys

Another fun planter idea is to reuse your children’s plastic toys. It is truly whimsical to see little toy dump trucks or watering cans used as containers to display flowers.

Jars and Cans

Like plastic tubs, you can repurpose jars and cans from the kitchen. Mason jars, aluminum cans, even old coffee cans can be wrapped in craft paper, tied with ribbons, or hot glued with decorative gems and rocks to become a lovely planter you would never recognize as its original form.

Don’t be afraid to get crazy with your fun planter ideas. Look around your house, catch yourself before tossing kitchen items, dig through your recycle bin, and scavenge through your Goodwill pile.

You’re sure to find some interesting and unique planter ideas that make your home more… you!

Artificial Plants Know No Limits

Artificial Plants Know No Limits

Unlike live plants, artificial plants don’t require dirt or water, which means your planter options are limitless. If you fall in love with an artificial plant, but don’t love its boring container, remember you can “repot” it into nearly any other container.

Old Shoes

Yes! Check your closet for old shoes you were just about to toss. A red high heel or a combat boot can make a wonderful planter for a corner shelf in your office.

A baby shoe is a great tiny container for a small artificial succulent in the kids’ room. Worn-out rainboots overflowing with drooping plants will look great hanging in your mud room.

Computer Parts

Keep those old computer parts out of the landfill. You can build a planter box from old floppy disks, drill holes in an old monitor, or attach an old keyboard to the front of a wooden crate or box to soothe your techie soul.

Old Toolboxes or Oil Cans

Anything old and grimy lying around your garage or tool shed can look really cool sitting outside in the garden, propped up against your fence, or lining planter boxes outside your windows.

With artificial plants, you don’t have to worry about the corrosion from chemical residue inside the container harming the soil or plants. You’re also recycling a container that might otherwise end up in landfill and damage the environment. Win/win.

Swap Meet and Junk Shop Finds

Once you get your head into repurposing containers for planters, you might find yourself seeking out new ways to stretch your imagination and decorate your space.

Swap meets and junk shops are riddled with fun items you can convert into a planter. Fire extinguisher? Check. Old watering can? Check. Toy wheelbarrow? Check! Check! Check! The possibilities are endless.

Share Your Planter Discoveries

Share Your Discoveries

Let your imagination run wild when looking for something different to use as a planter, keeping in mind which type of plant you’re going to use.

Don’t be afraid to mix both live and artificial in the same planter. In fact, you can let your planter decide. If you find a container you think you can turn into a planter, do it. Then figure out if it is best suited to a live or artificial plant.

You can always go shop for your plant after you have the planter. It’s a great approach to making your home decor specific to you and your aesthetic and to letting your creative side out to play.

If you’ve caught the bug of making unique planters, we want to hear about it!

What fun planter ideas have you tried? Tell us in the comments below.

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