Plant And Flower Ideas For People Born In April

April: the sun is shining and the rainy days are nurturing flowers. For people born in April, the daisy is their birth flower.

Daisies represent innocence and purity and come from the aster (or Asteraceae) family. There are over 23,000 different varieties of these plants, but the “day’s eye” is probably the most common.

They’re called “day’s eye” because they open to the sunlight and close at night. You may be interested in learning that daisies’ leaves are edible and a good source of vitamin C.

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They’re even a great addition to salads. Many children may remember picking daisies and creating daisy chains.

Daisy Season Doesn’t Usually Align With April

Daisy Season Doesn’t Usually Align With April

While some daisies bloom in April, not all do. Depending on when your gift recipient’s birthday is in April, a live plant may or may not be an option. Here are some typical types of daisies and when they bloom so that you can make the best decision for your gift.

Shasta daisies bloom in the late spring and go all the way through early fall. Painted daisies come in many colors, including red, pink, and yellow.

Occasionally, the blooms will be white. These flowers will bloom in the middle of the summer and go through the early fall. Michaelmas daisies have a similar bloom window to the painted daisies.

On the other hand, Marguerite daisies bloom primarily in the spring and fall. Gerbera daisies come in many different colors, including white, yellow, pink, orange, and salmon; they generally bloom in the early spring to autumn, so these are great options for April birthday gifts.

While the daisy bloom season is diverse, the best advice to choose your gift is to check in on local florists and greenhouses to determine their current supply of living, blooming daisies. With the different varieties blooming at different times, there is a good chance you will find at least one type of daisy blooming and available.

Online Options Makes Live Daisies An Option, But At A Price

Online Options Makes Daisies An Option, But At A Price

Suppose live daisies are not an option or you do not like the currently blooming varieties. In that case, the online, worldwide marketplace has a solution for you.

1-800 flowers offers this Happy Daisy Plant. The site offers several options: a large or small with or without a plaque that says “Happiness Blooms Here.” Rather than being a bouquet, it is a plant, so your gift recipient will be able to enjoy it for as long as it lives.

Be sure to give your gift recipient care instructions so they know how to best care for their daisy plant.

Artificial Daisies Are A Great, Low-Maintenance Gift For April Birthdays

Artificial Daisies Are A Great, Low-Maintenance Gift For April Birthdays

If your gift recipient has allergies or would prefer not to care for a live plant, there is always the silk route. Silk arrangements last for as long as you keep them, and they also require zero maintenance.

This silk arrangement is not only inexpensive, but it also offers a collection of three different colors of daisies.

Incorporate Daisies Into Your Birthday Gift – Without Giving Flowers

Incorporate Daisies Into Your Birthday Gift – Without Giving Flowers

While daisies represent purity and innocence, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. For people born in April, the diamond is also their birthstone.

This sterling silver necklace features a lovely pendant that features a silver and yellow daisy. The included chain is 18 inches long and is safe for sensitive skin.

In addition to the necklace, you will receive a jewelry box, polishing cloth, and even maintenance instructions.

If you’re shopping for someone who does not wear a lot of jewelry, but you want to incorporate jewelry into your gift for them, consider this necklace. This necklace features a little daisy inside of the transparent resin pendant. This option may be just the ticket for someone who may avoid typical jewelry and prefers a more natural look.

Daisy-themed Clothing Is Abundant And Great For April Birthday Gifts

Daisy-themed Clothing Is Abundant And Great For April Birthday Gifts

The daisy flower is trendy, so clothiers frequently feature it on clothing. There are many options available in online marketplaces.

Clothing items are a great way to feature April’s birth flower on a gift. The options may feel endless with everything from hoodies, t-shirts, and even baby clothing.

The best part about clothing gifts is that you can customize them for the gift recipient. To do this, consider where your gift recipient lives.

For example, in many parts of the country, the weather in April is still relatively cool. Because of this, a daisy hoodie would be a wonderful gift that is even appropriate for spring wear.

On the other hand, some places like Florida are warm year-round. In this case, consider something more like a t-shirt.

Daisy Lotion Will Give Them The Scent Of Daisies Year Round

Daisy Lotion Will Give Them The Scent Of Daisies Year Round

Want to treat your gift recipient to something extra special?

Check out this Body Yogurt in Cool Daisy. This lovely option will give your gift recipient the smell of sweet daisies year-round. It absorbs into the skin quickly and does not leave a sticky feeling: just a refreshing and lovely scent. And if your gift recipient is vegan, this cream is too!

The best part is that body creams and lotions gifts help show your gift recipient that you care about their comfort and well-being.

A Daisy Candle Is A Lovely Gift For April Birthdays

A Daisy Candle Is A Lovely Gift For April Birthdays

Like a lotion that brings the scent of daisies to your gift recipient year-round, a candle will do much that same. Check out these candles!

The candles are in beautiful tins decorated with flowers on the outside and are scented with roses and daisies to encourage meditation. These candles have a scent profile with several layers, including lemon, camellia, rose, gardenia, lilies, and even coconut. Each time your gift recipient lights this candle, they will remember the thoughtful gift for the birthday.

Each month has its own birth flower. One of the more creative ways to create a unique present for an April birthday is by focusing on their birth flower. It will be unique and special, picked specifically for the person receiving the gift.

From the options we share here, you can choose the gift that best fit your gift recipient. So, what are some of your favorite ways to give personalized gifts? We would love to hear from you, so please connect with us in the comments!

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