Flower and Plant Ideas for Decorating Your Woman Cave or She-Shed

Man caves have been all the rage for decades. The theory goes that men need a place of their own in what tends to be a home designed and cared for by women. How many times have you heard of a place needing “a woman’s touch,” after all?

We tend to think of family homes as feminine, so it would stand to reason that men need a more masculine space, albeit one with plants, of course. These days, however, more women are in need of their own private spaces.

With work demands, full family lives, and extended social calendars, women feel increasingly called to have a room of their own, a place where they can organize those calendars, pursue their own interests, and reflect on their accomplishments in relative peace. Behold, the rise of the woman cave, or as many prefer to call it, the “she-shed.”

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If you are a woman and you have even a small space to work with, it can really change your life to turn it into your own she-shed. Then the question becomes: How do you decorate it? Well, nothing breathes life into a space like plants.

Choose Flowers and Plants For Your Woman Cave that Reflect Your Personality

Choose Flowers and Plants that Reflect Your Personality

Once you know you want to add plants to your space, you must decide among the seemingly millions of varieties of flowers and plants available. You probably already have your furniture purchased or at the very least picked out.

You likely have a shelf or two for decor. If you have decided you need a she-shed, you have a good sense of who you are and what you want in life. You know your personality, and if you know your personality, it is much easier to pick your plants.

Personalities Reflected by Plants

Personalities Reflected by Plants_

  • Roses – Roses reflect a passionate, romantic, and classic personality. Are you in love with love? Feel like you were should have been born in the sweeping epic 1800s? Roses are for you.
  • Carnations – These easy-to-find, affordable flowers make a statement about how down to earth and practical you are. You like to keep it simple.
  • Daisies – Think sunshine and happiness. You are an early riser, full of energy and vigor.
  • Tulips – Tulips are for the sensitive, poetic soul. You have confidence and warmth and are quick to make conversation and engage your friends and family with a lively tale.
  • Sunflowers – Nothing can keep you down and out. You are social, cheerful, and bold.
  • Orchids – These flowers are high maintenance and must be perfectly curated, just like you. Sophisticated and exotic, you leave an air of mystery everywhere you go.
  • Lillies – Lillies last forever and never quit. That’s you. You work hard, you are kind, and you are deeply devoted to those you love.
  • Daffodils – For the artistic spirit, daffodils are calming and poised. You exude a light spirit, and you are the perfect host to anyone welcomed into your space.
  • Peonies – Positive and thoughtful, these flowers are for the bold empath, unafraid to speak her mind or share her feelings, and always looking on the bright side.
  • Poppies – You are the super creative one among your friends. Always setting the trends and on the cutting edge. Poppies are your flower if you are ever ready to make a bold splash.

While you’re thinking of which flower best matches your personality, you’ll also want to keep in mind the lighting in your space.

Plants for Your She-Shed that Meet the Light Requirements

Plants for Your She-Shed that Meet the Light Requirements

Pay close attention to lighting. You may fall in love with your favorite flower only to find the light in your space will not keep it alive.

You can choose either to restock with fresh-cut flowers regularly, or you can select plants based on what light you have. There is truly a plant for every light, even a seemingly dingy basement!

And, of course, you can always go with artificial flowers, which can bring a stable element of plant life to your space, and you won’t have to worry about water and light at all.

Colorful Flowers and Plants Can Help Set the Mood For Your Personal Space

Colorful Flowers and Plants Can Help Set the Mood

You can achieve virtually any mood in a space with the properly chosen and placed flowers and plants. If you are seeking calm, choose greens and blues; if you want vim and vigor, choose reds and oranges; creativity calls for yellows and greens; and so on.

You can also change up your arrangements, especially if you are choosing to bring in fresh-cut flowers regularly. Check out my piece on how to choose flower arrangements.

Evaluate Maintenance Requirements for Decorating Your She-Shed

Evaluate Maintenance Requirements for Decorating Your She-Shed

Be aware that whatever plants or flowers you choose, you will have to maintain them. If you have a brown thumb or zero time, go for artificial plants.

If you worry about your green thumb but want to begin to care for live plants, start with hard-to-kill plants like jasmine, cactus, or succulents. If you’re proud of your green thumb, the sky is the limit.

It takes time to learn how to maintain plants and to follow your intuition as to placement and water schedules. And remember, you can do both! Start with artificial plants and slowly add in live plants.

See how it goes! I’ve got some tips for you on how to buy and maintain artificial plants.

Great Examples of She-Shed and Woman Cave Decor

Great Examples of She-Shed and Woman Cave Decor

If you’re still deciding on a theme for your she-shed, below are a few ideas that might help you get started:

  • Minimalist – If you’re looking for a place to get remote work done as well as find some peace among the chaos of life, you could choose a bare minimum theme with carefully placed, spread out furniture, just a small selection of books or photos, and small plants for accent.
  • Bohemian – For the zen master we all want to be, if you are looking for your own personal zen retreat, boho is the way to go. Think a cross between vintage and rustic, wood benches, tables, and chairs, straw baskets, and big arrangements and pots of plants and flowers.
  • Drinks on Me! – If you want a space to host your girlfriends, add a bar to your spot, have a shelf with your favorite bottles of liquor, a comfy couch for lounging, and ideally French doors that open up to an outdoor space to expand the party.
  • Green Thumb Mama – If you are truly a plant woman, bring the outdoors in. Fill your space with plants that drip from the ceiling, hang from extra shelving, and fill up the corners of your room. You are a jungle animal, hear you roar!

Pinterest is wild with ideas for how to decorate your she-shed or woman cave. All you have to do is start with an idea and build from there.

The best place to start, as I pointed out here, is with your personality and the reason you want a woman cave in the first place. From there, the sky is the limit!

Have you already designed your she-shed? Or are you in the process? Please include your best tips and suggestions, or any questions you may have, in the comments below. I love to hear from my readers!

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