My Favorite Tips for Decorating with Flowers – Real or Fake

My favorite tips for decorating with flowers, trees, and plants

Have you ever wanted a fresh look for your home, but you have no idea where to start? It is truly amazing what adding a few flower arrangements and plants can do to give your home a whole new look. But the task of figuring out what to get and where to put it can be overwhelming.

There are no hard and fast rules to using flowers (real or fake) to create a new look in your living space. The only “rule” should be to choose flowers and plants that you love and that fit your personality. But you can make the decisions easier by keeping in mind a few tips.

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Tip #1 – Decide on your look

What kind of atmosphere are you trying to create in your home? Do you want a farmhouse look or are you going for a more elegant concept? The look can even be different in different rooms. You might want warm and cozy in your family room but elegant and refined in your dining room. Knowing what you’re trying to achieve beforehand can help narrow down your choices when it comes to choosing the right flowers or plants.

If you’re trying to create a formal look and feel, try these White Lilies in glass vase.

If you’re not sure what look you’re trying to achieve, try sitting in the room you want to decorate. Visualize what you usually do in that room and the feeling that you want to have when you are in that room. Write down the words that come to mind. Use those words as a launching point for deciding on your look.

Tip #2 – Choose the right arrangement for the space

Flowers and plants can be an eye-catching statement in your room – but not if they’re overwhelmed or underwhelmed by the space. When choosing faux or real flower arrangements, be sure to consider the space where they will make their home. An arrangement that is too small will get lost in a large space, but an arrangement that is too large for its space will look out of proportion to the room.

If you have a tall space, choose a taller plant or arrangement. The height will draw the eye upward and will make people feel as if the space is not quite so tall. In a smaller space, like a bathroom, keep your arrangements small.

A grouping of five to seven individual stems will add elegance without overwhelming the space like a larger arrangement might.

Do you have a taller space like a hearth or a mantel? Try filling it with this Tropical Mix arrangement.

For a smaller space like a bathroom counter or kitchen windowsill, consider this small Sunflower arrangement.

Tip #3 – Take advantage of fake flowers’ versatility.

If you have artificial arrangements in your home, you may not even need to purchase anything new to give your home a fresh look. Consider what you already have in the way of faux flowers and plants. Look at their containers as well as the stems. Consider new ways to display them.

Can you swap containers?

Can you combine elements of two arrangements to create a new arrangement?

Can you cut a group of flowers into individual stems so you can arrange them differently?

Move your artificial arrangements around from room to room to give a different look to your home. You can also have arrangements for different seasons. Simply keep the out-of-season arrangements in your storage area.

Need to make two 16"H floral arrangements not just one? Take a look at these that come as a pair

If you want to create a more versatile arrangement that can easily be taken apart, consider buying individual stems like these beautiful Flower Spray Assortment.


For a different type of versatility, consider swapping the containers of two arrangements like our Mixed Zinnia Floral arrangement.

Tip #4 – Choose the right container

When creating a new look, the container is almost as important as the flowers. Elegant vases create a certain atmosphere that is different from the atmosphere created by metal bucket. When looking at arrangements or when creating your own arrangement, choose a container that fits with the look you’re trying to create.


It’s not just the flowers that create the perfect flower display. The container is a big part of how an arrangement looks. Consider this Orange Cymbidium in a glass vase for a more modern and chic look.


If you want a more rustic look, try this Yucca Plant.

Tip #5 – Place flowers in unusual spaces

The great thing about artificial flowers is that there’s no limit to where you can display them. You don’t have to worry about having the correct amount of sunlight or the correct temperature, which means you can put faux flowers anywhere. Consider unusual spaces for arrangements, including at the top or bottom of a flight of stairs. Do you have a chandelier? Drape it with a garland or place some loose stems on it to create a touch of whimsy.


Create a captivating impression by using faux flowers in unusual places. Set our Faux Flower Sprays Assortment around your kitchen table or wrap them around some ribbon to create a garland.

Want to create a dramatic look for a porch or sunroom? Check out this video using swags and hanging stems.

No matter how you choose to decorate your home, make flowers and plants a part of it. They can bring life, color and joy to your home and to all who live in it.

Let us know how your floral makeover turns out by leaving us a comment. And, as always, contact me with any questions.

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