How To Protect Your Artificial Plants, Flowers, Trees, And Shrubs From The Sun

How To Protect Artificial Plants From Sun

Day after day of glorious sunshine marks a Midwest summer. Oh, we get the occasional thunderstorm or rainy day, but most of our summers are filled with sun.

That’s great for outdoor activities like pool parties and barbecues, but it’s not always the best thing for artificial outdoor plants. That’s why it’s important to carefully consider the placement and care of UV-protected artificial outdoor plants and flowers.

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Even with UV-protectant, prolonged exposure to the sun can cause faux flowers and plants to fade. While some fading is inevitable, there are things you can do to protect your artificial plants outside.

Choose your location wisely

The best way to keep silk flowers from fading in the sun is to keep them out of the sun. But what’s the point of having UV-protected artificial outdoor plants if I can’t put them outside, you might ask.

No worries. You can still put your faux plants and flowers outside, but to extend the life of artificial plants to the maximum, choose a spot that’s not in full sun. Place artificial outdoor flowers in areas that only get sun for part of the day or perhaps remain in the shade throughout the day.

Rather than planting them in the ground to mimic a live plant, consider placing them on outdoor tables or placing them in their pots on the ground as accent pieces. Look for places that are out of direct sunlight so they sun doesn’t fade them over time.


This Succulent arrangement will add a pop of green to any corner of your deck or outside patio.

This Succulent arrangement will add a pop of green to any corner of your deck or outside patio.

Since shady areas often are already a problem spot when it comes to growing live plants. Placing UV-protected artificial outdoor flowers and plants in those areas extends the life of your faux plants while also solving a gardening problem.

Choose UV protection

When using artificial plants outside, focus on finding faux plants and flowers that are labeled UV-protected. Ultra-violet rays are the rays from the sun that can cause damage to our skin, and they are also responsible for fading fabrics and plastics, as well.

Just like sunscreen can prevent damage from the UV rays to our skin, a UV-protectant spray can limit fading in your outdoor artificial plants. Some fake flowers and plants are sold with the UV protection already applied to them, but if you fall in love with a faux plant that doesn’t already have UV protection, you can apply it yourself by following these simple instructions.

While you can use any faux plant or flower outside, applying the spray will protect your artificial plants outside.


Place this beautiful Peony Fern Wreath on your door to brighten your home for the summer season.

Place this beautiful Peony Fern Wreath on your door to brighten your home for the summer season.

Rotate your plants

Some fading of artificial outdoor plants is inevitable. The trick is to keep that fading from attracting notice. A plant that is faded only on one side will be obvious to any observer. Avoid one-sided fading by rotating your plants every few months so that the plant fades evenly.

Apply this trick not just to outdoor faux plants but also to any artificial plants that sit in the sun inside your house, as well.


A beautiful large arrangement of artificial Phalaenopsis Orchids perfect for outdoor table top décor!

A beautiful large arrangement of Phalaenopsis Orchids is perfect for outdoor table top décor!

Enjoy your plants for years to come

If you follow these care tips for your outdoor artificial plants and flowers, you can enjoy their beauty on endless sunny days for years to come.

Let us know how you use UV-protected artificial plants and flowers in your landscaping.

And, as always, don’t hesitate to let me know if you have questions.

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