How To Choose A (Real or Fake) Flower Arrangement For Any Occasion

How To Choose A Flower Arrangement (Real or Fake) For Any Occasion

I love giving flowers as a gift because you can almost never go wrong. Most people love getting them; even those people in your life who are notoriously hard to buy for will often gush over a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Giving flowers has the added advantage of allowing you to convey emotion to the receiver, as well. Just make sure you know your flowers and don’t accidentally send the wrong message.

Choosing the right flower arrangement for the occasion is key to giving flowers as a gift. I’ve put together these five simple tips for choosing the right flowers for the right occasion.

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Match the flowers to the occasion.

Nearly every occasion can be celebrated with flowers, but be sure to choose flowers that fit with the spirit of the celebration. Choose colorful, happy bouquets with a variety of flowers for occasions like birthdays and graduations.

For more romantic events like Valentine’s Day or anniversaries, you can stick with the traditional red roses, but you might gain even more favor if you pick a bouquet filled with your significant other’s favorite flowers.

Knowing her favorite flower is always a great Valentine's Day win!

For more formal occasions, stick with a sophisticated option like lilies or a bouquet of a single color.

No matter what you choose, ask yourself whether the arrangement will fit the atmosphere of whatever it is the recipient is celebrating.

Know the meaning behind the flower

Flowers are considered even more special because each type of flower has a meaning attached to it. These meanings can help you decide which flowers will be perfect for each occasion.

For example, most people know that red roses mean love, but did you know that yellow roses stand for friendship and a basil plant means friendship? Columbine is pretty, but it also means foolishness, so you might not want to give it to someone you’re trying to impress.

Do you know the meaning behind yellow roses?

Want to know more about flowers and their meanings? Check out this list from The Old Farmer’s Almanac.

It’s not just the flower itself that matters. The color of a flower can change its meaning. A simple change in the color of the flower can change its meaning dramatically. A yellow lily stands for happiness, but an orange lily means hatred, which is quite a difference.

If you want your gift of flowers to convey a certain message based on the flowers it contains, be sure to pay close attention to both the flowers you choose and the colors you pick.

Keep the recipient’s preferences in mind

You can choose flowers with the most perfect meaning, but if the recipient doesn’t like them, it’s pretty much a waste of time and money.

The first thing to think about is whether your recipient even likes flowers. If the person you’re giving them to doesn’t like flowers or is allergic to them, not even the most beautiful, meaningful bouquet will get the reaction you’re looking for.

Does she even like flowers? Better know before giving them!

If you’re sure the recipient will love receiving flowers, then take into account their preferences when choosing flowers. Do they have a favorite flower that you can incorporate into the arrangement? What about a favorite color? If you know the style of their home or office, consider that when choosing a bouquet.

Incorporating the recipient’s preferences into your gift of flowers will make them a welcome gift on any occasion.

When in doubt, choose color

While flowers are a meaningful gift for people you know well, they can also be the perfect gift for those you have just met or don’t know all that well. If you don’t know much about a person, you can almost never go wrong with a happy, colorful bouquet.

Some research has shown that color can affect people’s moods in a variety of ways, so a colorful bouquet can be a spirit-lifter no matter how well you know someone.

Go seasonal

If you’re still not sure what flowers to choose for a gift, consider choosing flowers that are in season.

Mums and sunflowers are popular fall flowers and convey the ever-changing colors of the season. A red, white and blue arrangement is the perfect hostess gift for a Fourth of July party.

A few seasonal flowers can help set the table for your special celebration!

A red and green or blue and white arrangement is perfect for a winter holiday gift while a Mother’s Day arrangement full of spring blooms will surely make mom smile.

No matter the occasion, flowers can be the perfect gift. Whether you’re interested in creating an arrangement packed full of meaning or just need a beautiful gift to mark the occasion, follow these tips to pick the most stunning flower arrangements for every occasion.

What are your favorite tips for choosing flowers to give as a gift? Share them with us in the comments.


How To Choose A Flower Arrangement (Real or Fake) For Any Occasion

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