6 Reasons a Geranium Plant Should Be Part of Your Home Décor

With their vibrant petals and fragrant blossoms, geraniums are a gorgeous addition to any garden. Even better, these plants are low-maintenance and can withstand droughts, so they don’t require you to have a particularly green thumb for them to thrive.

They also do best when they’re potted and can come in many shades of the rainbow. All of this makes them an excellent choice to include in the decor of nearly every home or office, which is why we have pulled together a list of reasons that every house should have at least one geranium in it.

Why Geraniums Are Good For Homes

Why Geraniums Are Good For Homes

Geraniums are a perfect choice for all gardeners with any level of experience. Experts will find themselves enchanted by their beautiful flowers and lovely aroma while novices will be delighted to learn that geraniums are a forgiving plant that doesn’t need a lot of care.

If you’re looking for a plant with a strong smell to perfume your home, then geraniums are ideal. This is especially true because this plant has many possible fragrances, so you can choose the one that appeals to you the most.

In fact, different kinds of geraniums are usually named after the smell their leaves give off. There are apple, rose, and peppermint geraniums, among many others. You can even get edible geraniums that can be used as herbs or to make tea.

A Geranium Can Be Good for Your Feng Shui Flow

A Geranium Can Be Good for Your Feng Shui Flow

Geraniums are also wonderful if you’re concerned about feng shui. Good feng shui comes from finding balance and arranging your home so you feel happy when you step into each room.

A geranium is a particularly good plant to help you ensure that your energy is positive because it is considered to be a symbol of wealth and abundance as well as good luck. However, the color and exact positioning of the plant is key to feng shui.

To reap the benefits of a geranium in your home, you should place them by your front door. If your entrance faces south, then you should install red or pink geraniums; otherwise white is the best color to choose.

If you’re not a skilled gardener, but you are interested in the feng shui benefits of these plants, it’s good to know that geraniums are relatively easy to maintain. However, artificial geraniums can still help with feng shui if you’d rather not worry about keeping them alive at all.

Geraniums Are Easy to Grow and Maintain Any Time of the Year

Geraniums Are Easy to Grow and Maintain Any Time of the Year

If you do decide to go with living geraniums, you’ll find they are versatile and hardy plants that can grow both indoors and outdoors if the right conditions are met.

To help them thrive, you’ll want to make sure their soil, whether they are potted or in an outdoor garden, drains well and they are watered regularly. You’ll also want to make sure they get a minimum of six hours of sunlight a day and are not exposed to frost or cold temperatures.

How Do Geraniums Grow?

Geranium cuttings should root without difficulty. Furthermore, this plant “can be propagated in fall for overwintering of outdoor plants.” Alternatively, you can also bring the plants inside after digging them up because they thrive in both indoor and outdoor conditions.

What Kind of Soil Do Geraniums Need?

The soil needs of geraniums will differ slightly depending on if they are being grown indoors or outdoors; however, it will always be important that the soil is well-draining.

For indoor geraniums, a potting soil that has this quality should be sufficient. However, if you have planted them outside, you’ll want to use a composition that is “equal amounts of soil, peat, and perlite” and always kept moist.

How Much Water Does a Geranium Need?

The water needs of geraniums will also depend on their location. If they are kept indoors, you only need to hydrate them once their soil feels dry.

However, if you have outdoor geraniums, the weather will impact how often they need to be watered. At minimum, you should water them once a week.

However, if the heat is high, you may need to increase the frequency, especially if they are kept in pots.

Geraniums Are Relatively Inexpensive

Geraniums Are Relatively Inexpensive

Another benefit of growing geraniums is that the plants can be bought for a reasonable price. There are lots of varieties of geraniums, which means that there are more options at various price points.

Furthermore, geraniums for purchase also offer choices in the stage of plant growth. This means you can purchase seeds and watch the full development of your geraniums or you can buy plants that have already begun to grow and just help them mature and thrive.

Geranium Decorating Ideas Are Nearly Endless

Geranium Decorating Ideas Are Nearly Endless

Given that there are so many colors and kinds of geraniums, countless ways exist for you to incorporate them into your designs and decor.

For instance, when decorating with geraniums indoors, you can keep potted geraniums and choose colors that match your walls or upholstery. Alternatively, you can have a rainbow of hues growing in your yard.

Place a potted geranium on a bookshelf or dresser top to instantly add a pop of warm color to any room. Or plant several geraniums in a whimsical container and use them as a centerpiece on your kitchen or dining room table.

Geraniums are also a great plant for the bathroom because their delightful aroma can keep that room smelling good without the need for any artificial air fresheners.

Geraniums are particularly good for your gardens because they can help other plants thrive. Since they are a natural repellant for “earworms, cabbageworms, and japanese beetles, they are ideally suited to complement and protect plants that are more likely to be distrubed by these pests, like roses and cabbage.

If you want to use geraniums as companion plants, you can either line your garden bed with them to act as a natural wall for bugs, or you can scatter them among the more vulnerable flora.

Artificial Geraniums Often Look Just Like The Real Thing

Artificial Geraniums Often Look Just Like The Real Thing

Geraniums are an excellent choice for those that are new to gardening or who want plants that don’t require a lot of upkeep. However, even low-maintenance plants need some care and attention.

Therefore, if you struggle to keep plants alive, then live geraniums may not be a good match. The good news is that there are excellent artificial geraniums, so you can still have the feng shui and decorative benefits of the plant in your home.

Most fake geraniums are red, but you can still find some variations, like pink and white. They might lack the fragrance of the living plants, but they will be just as beautiful without needing any watering or care.

This is the perfect alternative for those who travel frequently, lead busy lives, or who lack a green thumb.

With so many colors and scents, herbal uses, and the possibilities of both indoor and outdoor planting, geraniums are incredibly versatile. So, between the artificial and real options, and the many varieties of each, you’ll find that there is a perfect geranium for every person.

If you’ve grown geraniums, we’d love to hear from you. Feel free to share any of your favorite tips for incorporating the geranium into your home decor in the comments!

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