Fun Ideas for Fake Plant Wall Décor to Spruce Up A Boring Wall

Nothing is more boring than looking at a blank wall. Our walls should offer us inspiration and beauty. They should comfort us and create joy.

If you have a boring, blank wall in your house, you can give it some life with planters filled with artificial plants.

Before Choosing Artificial Plant Wall Décor, Evaluate Your Style

Before Choosing Artificial Plant Wall Décor, Evaluate Your Style

Artificial plant wall decor comes in a variety of styles. Before you begin your search, take a good look at the space you want to decorate and understand its style.

We’ll be sharing many options here, and only some of them will work perfectly for your search. Before continuing, decide if you’re going for a cute, modern, artsy, or crafty feel. Got it? Ok, let’s go!

Cute Artificial Plant Wall Décor with Animal Themes

The following wall decoration plants incorporate cute animals. If you’re hoping for something that will make you go “awwww!” then you’ll love these choices.

This Cute Wall Hanging That Is Just Perfect for A Small Succulent

Our first wall plant decor option is this adorable sloth hanging planter. This little guy will hug your plant and certainly make you smile whenever you look at it. Since this little hanger holds a small plant, we recommend a sweet little succulent for this hanger.

This Darling Pug Wall Planter Just Right for A Small Fake Plant

Are you looking for something with subtle, adorable vibes? You’ll love this ceramic pug head wall planter. For this plant wall decoration, you’ll be looking for a fake plant that will fit in a 6-inch container.

This Tiny Bird Planter That Can Also Be Bought in a Full Flock Set

Since this one gets hung, it works perfectly as a little bird. This cute bird ceramic planter comes in blue, dark gray, or green. You can also select a set of six owl planters to create a full flock!

Cute Artificial Plant Wall Décor Using Geometric Shapes

If you’re looking for fake plant wall decor for a more modern space, these geometric design options should work perfectly. Their straight lines and elegant structure add a bit of dimension to your decoration.

These Super-Simple, Yet Elegant, Wall Planters

If you’re hoping for a circular set of planters, this basic white and black two-pack would be perfect. If you prefer a brass finish rather than a black one, that option is also available. We think these would look especially fabulous in a bathroom. To add a bit of whimsy to these geometrically designed planters, add a fake weeping plant with leaves that hang down.

These Diamond-Shaped Wall Sconces, Just Right for a Small Plant

If you’re hoping for something with more angles, you’ll love this pack of two planters. These come in small, medium, and large.

They also come in black with gold, marble with black, white with black, and white with gold. While any small plant would look great in these, we think a variety of different succulents paired together would look really cool.

These Half-Moon Planters That Are Ready for the Artificial Plants of Your Choosing

This next option is about as subtle as it gets. These wall plant decorations look like half bowls, and can be hung right on the wall.

Like many other options on this list, they come in a set of two. With a generous 12 inches of space, you get a little more room to play with this option.

This Octagon-Shaped Metal Wall Planter That Is Perfect for Artificial Ferns

This one is just so cool. In the world of plant wall decoration, it just doesn’t get much more fun than this.

You get ceramic, metal, and bamboo elements all in one piece. We think it would look beautiful with any combination of plants, but we especially love the idea of a fern in this one.

Artificial Plant Wall Hangers with an Artsy Flair

If you’re hoping to decorate a space that is artsier, then the following options will give you many great choices. Since every artist has their own style, each of these artistic representations reflects a different take.

This Head and Face Planter That Can Grow a New Artificial Hairstyle

This next option allows you to put your own artistic take on this already interesting piece. This wall-mounted face planter is open at the top for you to add a plant as the hair. Choose something with a cool texture to create an awesome look.

These Adorable Upside-Down Umbrellas, Perfect For a Small Fake Flower Arrangement

If you’re looking for more of a whimsical artistic take, you may just love this three-pack of umbrella hanging planters. With three pink, blue, and yellow umbrellas, these will brighten up any space. Choose bright flowers to match the style of these cute planters.

These Ceramic Pots That Are Perfect for Tiny Artificial Succulents

This option goes for more of an earthy-artsy aesthetic. This six-piece set of hanging planters dangle straight down and are perfect for little succulents. These would look awesome hanging down the corner of a room.

Artificial Plant Wall Hangers with a DIY Feel

Love to craft and create do-it-yourself projects? We even have planters for you to fill your space! Since wood is often the raw material for many projects, these options heavily feature it.

This Wooden Wall Hanger Perfect for Your Artificial Plants or Flowers

If you’re looking for something to cover a lot of space, this frame display looks like it’s made from repurposed pallets. We think fake orchids, air plants, or succulents would look incredible on this feature wall.

These Rustic Wall Planters That Will Show Off Artificial Bouquets

If you’d like something that really brings that cute, rustic, DIY feel, these cream-colored planters may be just the ticket. They come with twine and hooks to create a lovely display.

Since these have a lot more space vertically, plants with long stems would look fabulous. Perhaps a gathering of artificial wildflowers?

These Wooden Wall Planters Are Perfect for Artificial Plants or Flowers

Combine the geometric look with the DIY feel with these wooden planters. Though any plant would look fabulous, we love the idea of putting fake herb plants in these and hanging them in your kitchen.

We hope you found the perfect wall planter for your fake and artificial plants. With so many options, you’ll definitely find the ideal accent.

We’d love to hear your amazing ideas and connect with you! In the comments, please share your favorite tips for choosing or adding wall planters to your home or office decor.

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