Finding The Right Blend Between Fake Plants And Real Ones

As you can probably tell, I’m pretty passionate about fake plants and flowers. If you read my previous blog posts, however, you’ll see that I’m not trying to convince everyone that they should run out and replace every living plant in their home or office with artificial ones. Unless you have a real, physical need to reduce the levels of pollen and allergens in your house, a good blend of real and fake creates an environment that balances the beauty and benefits of real plants and flowers, with the beauty and low-maintenance benefits of faux plants.

To showcase the successful blending of live and faux plants, I scoured the internet to find a few articles that I think do a great job giving tips on how to successfully pull off “the blend”. In addition, I added a bonus Pinterest board at the bottom of the post that will, hopefully, inspire you to find ways to include both real and artificial plants, flowers, trees, and shrubs in your interior and exterior designs.

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A Beautiful Mess


In this article, the author does a great job showing how she has blended here live and fake plants. Check out the photos in the blog. In one of them, six of the eight plants in the image are fake. See if you can tell which ones are real. She’ll tell you, in the text of the article, but try to guess before you read the answer.

Funky Junky Interiors

Fakin’ it with fake plants

Forget the fact that I absolutely LOVE the name of this blog, the article does an amazing job of showing how you can blend artificial plants into your interior design. Okay…I admit that she’s not technically blending live and fake plants, since she says she gave up on fake plants years ago. However, I did think this one deserves a mention because of the way she blends fake plants with objects in the home, yard, shed, or even the junk pile. Whether it’s jars, vases, or even scales, she shows how versatile fake plants and flowers can be.

The Telegraph | Lifestyle and Gardening

How fake flowers became cool again

The author of this articles gives some great tips on how to incorporate fake plants into your environments. The best tip that she gives is to incorporate live flowers with fake ones…in the same arrangement. Why? Because when people instinctively put their nose to the bouquet or arrangement, they will still get the aroma from the fresh flowers, while enjoying the long-lasting beauty of the artificial ones.

There you have it! Three great articles that, hopefully, give you some ideas on how to successfully blend real and fake plants and flowers at home, in the office, or outside. As promised, below is a Pinterest board that might help you with some ideas. Because I loved the Funky Junk article so much, I thought we would share one of her project pin-boards, as well.


Have a favorite way to decorate while blending real and artificial flowers and plants? Be sure to leave a comment and let us know about it!

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  1. Artificial gardening featuring faux plants and trees require very little to no maintenance. They eliminate the need for pruning, using pesticides or fertilizers, watering etc, which saves both time and resources.


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