Finding The Perfect Artificial Flower Arrangement For Your Party

Finding The Perfect Faux Flower Arrangement For Your Party

Everybody loves a good party. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, a wedding or a graduation, parties are a time to enjoy some fun times with friends and family.

Whether your celebration is formal or informal, flowers can play a big role in setting the atmosphere for your party. Consider using faux flowers at your next celebration as they offer a variety of benefits that live flowers can’t.

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Benefits of Faux Flowers

When you use fake flowers as party decorations, you don’t have to worry about getting just the “right” color. Artificial flowers cover the color spectrum, so you can find the perfect match for your party theme.

Do some of your friends and family have seasonal allergies? You don’t have to worry about sending someone into a sneezing fit if you use faux arrangements. It doesn’t matter how pretty your flowers are if they make the guest of honor’s eyes water.

You want tears of joy, not allergy tears.

You know that peonies would make the perfect centerpiece for your party’s table. But it’s February. No worries. If you use artificial flowers in your arrangements, there’s no need to worry about seasonality. You aren’t constrained by growing conditions or the calendar.

Faux flowers let you have any variety of flower year-round.

Choosing the right flowers for your party

Whether you use faux flowers, live ones or a combination of both, choosing the best flowers for your party doesn’t have to be a chore. Just keep these four things in mind, and you’ll find the perfect arrangement for your event – no matter the occasion.

First, choose your theme

Every party has a theme, even if it’s just a casual dinner party. Before you go shopping for flowers, decide on a theme and a color scheme.

Planning a party with a fall theme? Check out this Fall Floral Arrangements, Artificial Silk Flower Bouquets in Vase  to add some festive fall color to your event.

A lot of times, the theme will dictate the colors. Fourth of July indicates a red, white and blue color scheme, while a wedding will generally have a color scheme of its own chosen by the bride and groom.

Baby showers often use pastel colors, while a casual dinner party at home might lend itself to neutral colors.


Maybe you have a baby shower to welcome a new little girl coming up. These Pink Helborus stems could add a touch of pink.

Second, decide on the role the flowers will play

Flowers play a more prominent role at some parties than they do at others. Flowers are an important part of a wedding and all its related events. At a corporate event or a birthday party, flowers may play a less central role. Knowing what role you want your flowers to play in your event will help you decide on both size and color.


Make a statement with this faux floral arrangement of Orange Mums in a glass vase.

Whether it’s welcoming guests at the front door or creating a look of elegance on your hearth, this arrangement lets flowers take center stage at your party.

Remember, though, that the flowers shouldn’t be overwhelming. Sometimes the goal is to just have them be a subtle addition to the festive event. In those cases, look for smaller, less flashy arrangements.


For something a little more understated that adds ambiance but doesn’t draw all the attention in the room, check out this simple Vanda Orchid arrangement.

Third, choose your height

Height is an important consideration when choosing flower arrangements. Think about where the flower arrangement will be and what other events will be taking place in that space.

You don’t want a tall arrangement on a table where you want people to be able to talk to people on the other side of the table. However, if you’re looking to make a statement at the entrance to your party, a large, tall arrangement might be just the thing.


If you’re looking for a tall arrangement that draws the eye, take a look at this Large Poppy Floral Arrangement.

Looking for something a little smaller for a centerpiece that won’t interfere with your guests’ conversations? Check out this Pink Water Lily. It’s large enough to make an impact but low enough that people can see over it.


This Pink Water Lily arrangement is shorter in size and won’t obstruct your guests conversations.

Finally, decide if seasonality matters

You may want to use faux flowers at your event but also want them to seem as real as possible. In that case, choose flowers that would be in bloom during the season of your party. If seasonality doesn’t matter to you and you’re using artificial flowers, you can choose any flower you want that fits with your party plans.

Make your party one to remember by creating a festive space using faux flowers. No matter if it’s Mother’s Day or just a spring fling, flowers can set the tone and liven and up your event.


Throwing a spring party and want to stay in season? Try this Mixed Color Zinnia Floral Bush.

If you’re looking for some fun party decorating ideas with flowers, check out this great Pinterest board.


Have you had success using faux flowers at your parties? Drop us a note in the comments to tell us about it.

And, as always, don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions.

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