Finding A Great Fake Floor Plant to Help Enhance Your Décor

Displaying small plants in your home gives you the flexibility to put them just about anywhere. However, large floor plants fulfill a very different purpose.

They are used to fill large spaces, and they bring large areas of color to the room. They can even help to deaden sound.

One of the best things about a fake floor plant is that it is extremely low maintenance. The only care it needs is the occasional dusting or washing. Artificial plants continue to look great year after year without the need to feed or water them.

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With a tall artificial indoor tree, you can add a dramatic area of green and help define a space. With a tall fake plant, you have a beautiful accent piece.

A Couple of Notes About Buying Tall Fake Plants

A Couple of Notes About Buying Tall Fake Plants

Before we get started showing off each tall artificial plant, there are a few considerations to keep in mind.

Avoid the Temptation to Purchase Cheap Tall Fake Plants

Avoid the Temptation to Purchase Cheap Tall Fake Plants

When you want a fake tall plant, the taller it is, the more expensive it is. It’s tempting to choose cheap fake plants, but with a low cost comes low quality.

When you have a fake tall plant, people will notice it more than a small artificial plant. A fake plant might will stand out in a bad way, so it’s best to go with high-quality fake plants that will add to your existing décor.

Before You Purchase Tall Artificial Plants, Evaluate Your Space

Before You Purchase Tall Artificial Plants, Evaluate Your Space

It’s important to be conscious of the space you have before you choose a fake tall plant. You don’t want to end up with a plant that is too big for the space you have or one that impedes your movement through the space.

Tall plants often need a wider base to support them, so don’t just evaluate your space vertically. Make sure there’s enough floor space for your chosen plant, as well.

Our Favorite Tall Artificial Indoor Trees

Our Favorite Tall Artificial Indoor Trees

If you’ve decided you need a tall plant but aren’t sure what to get, check out some of our favorites.

  • An artificial fiddle leaf fig tree brings the hottest trend in plants to your home with no watering needed.
  • An artificial rubber tree has a classic look that will never go out of style, and you can even get them with fun, stylish planters like a wicker basket.
  • An artificial money tree has an artful look that is great for its unique style.

Artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

This lovely tree has highly detailed leaves and looks like the real thing. It even feels real when you touch it.

This high-quality plant adds plenty of lively color to a room, bringing one of the hottest decorative trends to your home without the maintenance required of a live fig tree.

Artificial Rubber Tree

With this fake rubber tree, you get a classic tree with a wicker basket that adds a bit of Bohemian flair. The color is highly detailed, and the effect is a tree that looks just like the real thing. It’s about 4 feet tall, making it the perfect size to attract the eye but not overwhelm the space.

Artificial Rubber Tree

If you’re looking for a fake tree that commands its space and looks realistic, check out this beautiful rubber tree. It’s 6.5 feet tall and has a realistic area of simulated new growth toward the bottom.

This high-quality tree is fade-resistant and will be hard to tell from the real thing. With its full leaves, it’s a great tree for covering a wall blemish or creating a privacy screen between two rooms. It’s also perfect for patios and decks.

Artificial Money Tree

This fake money tree is 51 inches tall and has lush foliage in deep green. Each leaf is extremely detailed with its color and texture.

The braided trunk adds simple, elegant texture to the room, and it’s compact pot won’t take up all your floor space.

Our Favorite Tall Artificial Indoor Accent Plants

Our Favorite Tall Artificial Indoor Accent Plants

Tall artificial accent plants are a great way to add color and interest to any space. If you’re not sure which accent plants will work for you, take a look at our favorites.

Tall Artificial Snake Plant

This nearly 4-foot-tall snake plant is perfect for areas that have a lot of vertical space available. Its narrow width makes it a striking focal point without taking up too much floor space. Use it as an accent piece for the end of a couch or an endpiece for the fireplace. It’s realistic leaves will leave visitors wondering if it’s real or fake.

Tall Artificial Dracaena Plant

With its cute red pot adding a pop of color to the room, this hyper-realistic dracaena plant both looks and feels real. At 4 feet tall, it’s the perfect plant to fill a corner or to peek out over the back of the couch.

Tall Artificial Bird of Paradise Banana Leaf Plant

Looking for something a little different? The exotic, tropical look of this artificial bird of paradise banana leaf plant adds an exotic flair to the room. The best part is its large leaves are adjustable to allow you to customize it to fit your space and your vibe. Change it up whenever you want to create an entirely new look.

When you want a great way to decorate a room and have plenty of horizontal space for décor, getting an artificial indoor tree or a tall artificial plant can do the job. With high-quality fake plants for your home, you can add color as well as an artistic flourish to any room.

Do you have a favorite artificial tall tree or accent plant? Let us know your favorites and any tips for decorating with tall plants in the comments!

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