6 Tips for taking care of your live or artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig

The Fiddle Leaf Fig (Ficus lyrata) is native to western Africa and naturally grows in lowland rainforest environments. These trees actually begin their lives by growing on the high branches of another tree and slowly send their roots into the earth whole, taking over their host tree.

These fig trees have become a popular houseplant because they are a gorgeous statement piece. These plants can grow quite tall at 6 feet or more, so a smaller variety might be a good choice unless you have tall ceilings.

Whether you decide to grow a live plant or stick with an artificial one, you will surely be impressed by the Fiddle Leaf Fig’s shiny, large, violin-shaped leaves.

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Caring For Live Fiddle Leaf Figs

Live Fiddle Leaf Figs

Though beautiful, live Fiddle Leaf Figs can be a little picky when it comes to their living conditions. However, if you pay attention to the tree’s location, fertilizer, and water, you’ll undoubtedly have a happy fig tree.

How Much Water Does A Fiddle Leaf Fig Need?

Live Fiddle Leaf Fig Need Just the Right Amount of Water

Since Fiddle Leaf Fig trees are native to rainforest environments, they enjoy having large amounts of rain with dry periods in between. To water, you have three choices.

  1. Put the plant into a tub, water it then let it drip for a couple of hours.
  2. Take the plant outside to enjoy a nice rain.
  3. If you don’t really want to move your plant around, set your fig tree up with a drip tray underneath so when you water inside, your tree does not sit in water for long.

Overwatering or allowing the roots to sit in moisture for too long could kill your plant, so make sure you only water it every seven to ten days. Be sure the soil dries out before you water it again.

While caring for your fig, be sure to watch for signs of over or under-watering. In either case, the leaves will turn brown.

An underwatered fig tree will have yellowing, droopy, and brown spotted leaves. Underwatered fig trees have browning leaves too, but the browning will be closer to the center of the leaves. To avoid your fig tree struggling with under and overwatering, keep a consistent watering schedule.

Live Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees Also Need Fertilizer, But Sparingly

Live Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees Also Need Fertilizer, But Sparingly

You will have a very happy fig tree if you find the perfect balance of indirect sunlight and water the tree consistently. However, now and again, your Fiddle Leaf Fig may need a little extra boost.

If you notice smaller, less dense leaves or even leaf discoloration, it may be time to consider a Fiddle Leaf Fig Fertilizer.

If you want to fertilize your fig tree, we recommend Fiddle Leaf Fig Food. To use, fertilize each time you water the tree, except during wintertime.

Indirect Sunlight Is Best for a Live Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Indirect Sunlight Is Best for a Live Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Sunlight is an important factor for the well-being of a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree. For them to be most happy, they will want a place in your home with absolutely no drafts. Tropical plants do not do well in drafty areas.

Also, choose a space with a whole lot of indirect light. They do not do well in direct sunlight, so make sure that the space you select never has direct sunlight shining onto the space.

When you’ve discovered the perfect spot, rejoice and do not move it. You will, however, want to rotate the plant once a week when you water. This way, the leaves will receive equal amounts of indirect sunlight.

Are Artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees Nice For Decorating?

Artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig Are Easy to Maintain

Though Fiddle Leaf Figs are somewhat easy to maintain once you get going, some not quite green thumb gardeners may be overwhelmed by the prospect. Of course, instead of killing a live fig tree, you could always opt for an artificial fig tree.

Are Artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees Easy to Maintain?

Artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig Are Easy to Maintain

Like all plants, real Fiddle Leaf Fig plants require appropriate water, sunlight, and nutrients. However, if you don’t want to care for a live Fiddle Leaf Fig tree, an artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig tree might make the most sense.

Unlike live plants, artificial ones don’t require nearly the amount of care that live ones do. That said, you may wish to use a UV artificial spray on your plant to protect it from sunlight and take other measures to preserve its longevity.

Since artificial plants don’t grow, the beautiful Fiddle Leaf Fig tree you purchase will stay just as beautiful as always. There’s no worry of over or underwatering here! Not only does it not need to be watered, but it also doesn’t need pruning or fertilizing.

We love this 6-foot artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree and know it would look lovely in any room in which you place it.

Be Sure to Periodically Dust and Rinse Your Artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig

Be Sure to Periodically Dust and Rinse Your Artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig

Even though your artificial plant will not require the same level of care as a live plant, it still needs an occasional cleaning and dusting.

To clean your tree, you have a few options. If the dust gathered is on the lighter side, a quick wipe-down will do.

If the plant needs a little extra love, give the plant a shower, and allow it to drip dry in the tub. Keeping your plant clean will ensure that it does not gather dust that may irritate allergies.

Store Your Artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig Properly When Not Using It

Store Your Artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig Properly When Not Using It

If you need to move your Artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig to make room for other decorations, be sure to store it safely to preserve the quality of the fig tree. First, decide on a safe storage space in which the tree will have plenty of room.

Then, be sure to clean the plant before preparing it for storage. Next, use a Christmas tree bag to cover the tree and keep storage dust at bay.

Artificial Fiddle Leaf Figs are such beautiful trees, and they make lovely decorations. Even if you choose to go with an artificial one over a live tree, you will be pleased with its addition to your home.

What are your favorite tips for caring for artificial and live Artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig trees? We’d love to know!

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