6 Reasons a Ficus Plant Should Be Part of Your Home Décor

The ficus is one of the most popular indoor plants. It can be found in a variety of sizes, types, and colors, making versatile plant easy to match to your existing decor.

The ficus plant is native to Africa, South America, and the southern United States. At one time, the juice that came from these plants was used for latex and rubber production, but now the plant is mostly used as a houseplant.

A ficus is a great choice to include in nearly every home or office, and we’ve pulled together a list of reasons that every home should have at least one ficus in it.

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Why Ficus Are Good for Homes

Why Ficus Are Good for Homes

The ficus is a perfect plant for your home because it is easy to care for, improves air quality, and is a great size for any corner of your home. Ficus plants are prefect for novice indoor gardeners who need a forgiving plant that doesn’t need a lot of care.

Each variety of ficus plant has different qualities. Some like a lot of light while others do well with less, so no matter where you want to place your ficus plant, you’ll find one to fit your requirements.

A Ficus Can Be Good for Your Feng Shui Flow

A Ficus Can Be Good for Your Feng Shui Flow

Good feng shui is about balance and the positive feelings the room can produce when you occupy it. The Ginseng ficus is often considered good luck in feng shui and is proven to purify air. The dark green, oval-shaped foliage promotes a feeling of peace and calm.

Artificial plants can be good for feng shui, as well, and may be the best choice for those who live a life on the go. With an artificial ficus, you don’t have to remember to water or prune your plant, and you get all the same benefits of a live plant when it comes to feng shui.

Ficus Are Easy To Grow and Maintain Any Time of the Year

Ficus Are Easy To Grow and Maintain Any Time of the Year

Ficus are easy to care for and are a great indoor plant. They thrive in bright, indirect light and need consistent watering to remain healthy. Remember that each type of ficus is different and requires different levels of care. You can check the specifications of your particular ficus plant at this link.

How Do Ficus Grow?

Ficus are often grown from cuttings taken from small branches, but they can be grown from seed. Ficus seeds need to be soaked in lukewarm water for one to two days before being planted into soil.

The seeds should be placed in a moist bonsai mix. Do not use regular soil as this promotes the growth of mold.

The seeds need a nice, warm environment to thrive, so make sure the seeds receive plenty of indirect sunlight.

What Kind of Soil Does a Ficus Need?

What Kind of Soil Does a Ficus Need

Ficus need soil that drains quickly and provides a fertile environment. Any soil-based potting mix will work well for an already sprouted ficus plant. However, avoid using soil engineered specifically for roses or azaleas because these soils are too acidic for a ficus plant.

How Much Water Does a Ficus Need?

Ficus plants benefit from consistent watering but be sure you don’t overwater. The general rule of thumb is to water your ficus when the first two inches of soil are very dry.

Always remove excess water so the plant is not sitting in water. In the winter, you can water your ficus less. If your home has dry air, ficus plants can benefit from being misted.

Ficus Are Relatively Inexpensive

Ficus Are Relatively Inexpensive

Ficus are available at any plant store and come in many affordable varieties. You can buy ficus at varying stages of growth, depending on the size of your space and your budget.

If you’re looking to purchase a ficus plant, check with your local nurseries or you can find them online.

Ficus Decorating Ideas Are Nearly Endless

Ficus Decorating Ideas Are Nearly Endless

A ficus can brighten any room, and the decorating options are plentiful.

  • Put your ficus in a colorful planter to make it a true centerpiece of your decorating scheme.
  • Place your ficus plant on a bookshelf or table to add a pop of green and create a focal point.
  • Use your ficus plant as natural break between other decorations.
  • Brighten up an otherwise dreary corner with the addition of a ficus plant.

Artificial Ficus Often Look Just Like The Real Thing

Artificial Ficus Often Look Just Like The Real Thing

If real plants aren’t your cup of tea, look no further. Artificial ficus plants look exactly like real ficus plants, and nobody will know the difference!

If you want a ficus plant as part of your décor but don’t have the time or inclination to care for one, check out the plentiful artificial options.

Whether you want a live plant or a fake one, now that you know all about ficus plants, you can choose the option that’s best for you.

Do you have ficus plants as part of your décor? Let us know your favorite tips for decorating with ficus in the comments!

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