Tips For Choosing Artificial Plants For Your Backyard Or Outdoor Space

Faux Plants For Your Backyard Or Outdoor Space

Cookouts and pool parties. Fire-pits and sparklers. Summertime brings plenty of outdoor activity. Spruce up your outdoor space for those summer festivities by adding some landscaping.

Landscaping doesn’t always mean digging up the dirt and adding flowers and plants directly to the ground. You can also pretty up your outdoor greenery space by adding potted faux plants, outdoor artificial and faux hanging plants, faux plants for your front porch, and much more!

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Even if you don’t have a green thumb or the time to manage multiple flower gardens, you can still create a fabulous outdoor retreat using faux outdoor plants. Fake outdoor plants can look fantastic in any outdoor space. Not sure where to start?

Consider some of these options:

Beautify Your Corners

Spruce up the corners of your yard or flower bed with an arrangement made of outdoor artificial flowers. Choose high-quality flowers that are UV-resistant.

Plant them in pots using real dirt to create an accent piece or place them directly in the soil for a more natural look.


Brighten up your space with this beautiful Sunflower arrangement.

Choose a color scheme that complements the plants’ surroundings or stick with all greenery for a neater, more uniform look. Smaller artificial landscape plants work better in borders than large ones as they create a more realistic look. Tucking mulch around the base of the plants will make it hard for visitors to tell if the plants are real or fake.

Pretty Up Your Pool

A backyard pool is the perfect place for faux outdoor plants as the chlorine or salt water from the pool can kill live plants. No worries about unintended splashes when you use artificial poolside plants, though.

Choose faux palms or banana plants to give your pool a tropical look. Strategically place your faux trees to provide some shade on the pool deck, but keep the area closest to the pool clear for safety. Group a large faux palm with smaller tropical grasses to create an attractive grouping.

Check out this Bamboo Wall Divider. Perfect for your outdoor landscaping plans.

Create Focal Points

Use artificial landscape plants to build backyard focal points by choosing large trees or shrubs that draw the eye. Another option to create a focal point is to build a grouping of large and small plants that takes up a larger space than just a single faux outdoor plant.

This low-maintenance Boxwood Ball would look beautiful on your porch or as part of your outdoor décor.

Use faux plants to draw attention to an existing focal point like a fire-pit or gazebo. Place large pots of fake outdoor plants around the fire-pit or gazebo to create a more eye-pleasing tableau.

A great addition to any outdoor patio space or pool table would be artificial mums for outdoors. These fake mums are UV resistant and they’ll give your outdoor greenery a pop of color!

outdoor mums plants flowers

Go Green

Green walls are a great way to cover a fence or unsightly electrical box in your yard, but living green walls can be expensive to build and time-consuming to care for. Create an attractive green wall using artificial plants that will look great and require minimal upkeep. Check out this video on how to build your own green wall.


Choose Plants Wisely

Any faux plant can be an outdoor plant, but UV-resistant plants will last the longest. If you love a fake plant that’s not UV resistant, you can purchase UV-resistant spray and coat your favorite plant with it. Outdoor artificial flowers and plants will last several years with a UV-resistant coating.

Also consider the placement of your fake outdoor plants. Setting artificial plants or flowers in shadier spots can lengthen their lifespan, and bringing potted fake plants inside during the winter will also cut down on wear and tear. If your artificial plants are in containers, be sure to rotate the  container every couple of months to avoid fading on just one side.

Let the Summer Festivities Begin

No matter what fake outdoor plants you choose to landscape your outdoor space, you’ll enjoy years of beauty without the maintenance that comes with live plants, leaving you with more time to enjoy your summer.

If you use faux plants in your outdoor landscaping, drop us a note in the comments telling us what you’ve done.

As always, be sure to let me know if you have any questions.

Happy Summer!

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