Faux Fantastic! Landscaping An Entire Backyard Using Artificial Turf and Plants

As you can probably tell, I’m pretty passionate about the use of artificial plants, flowers, trees, and shrubs in your home and business decorating and landscaping. When it comes to planning your artificial outdoor landscaping, I usually advocate for a blend of plants that are easy-to-care-for and artificial outdoor plants. After all, the goal is to minimize the amount of time you spend feeding, weeding, and pruning and maximizing the amount of time you spend enjoying and relaxing.

I couldn’t help sharing this latest article, though.

It comes from the Daily Mail and it details the landscaping of an entire English backyard with artificial turf and fake landscaping plants. And guess what….it looks AMAZING!

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I’m not sure I would encourage anyone to tear out their lawn and pull up their pansies, but I do think that some of our artificial landscape plants could help fill in bare spots, or bring pops of color to areas of your yard that might otherwise be too sunny or too shady.

The entire article can be read here.

If you do choose to add some “faux” to your yard, here are some great backyard landscaping ideas:

Don’t go cheap

I know it’s tempting to run down to the local big box store or hobby store and pickup some cheap, fake landscaping plants. However, depending on your climate, cheap plastic plants can melt or distort in the hot Summer sun. Even if it feels like a nice, warm 80 degrees to you, those plastic plants will be wilting in no time.

If you do live in a desert area, like Arizona, in this article there are some great backyard desert landscaping ideas on a budget.

DIY landscaping on a budget

When it’s time to bring your landscaping ideas to life, it can get a bit expensive, especially if you decide to use live plants year round. That’s why investing your money into fake plants will eventually get you more bang for your buck.

Using artificial outdoor landscaping can not only last longer than real plants but it can be used throughout the whole year throughout the different seasons.

There are so many backyard landscaping ideas to consider, especially when thinking of an artificial garden design.

Check out this video to watch how you can make a unique vertical garden with artificial plants on your backyard fence or trellis.

Mix your faux plants with live ones

Unless you really, really want to go “no-maintenance”, find ways to combine live plants with artificial landscape plants. If you love the color of certain annuals, use those for your live plants and mix them with artificial trees and bushes like this Boxwood.

This Boxwood Ball would look beautiful on your porch or as part of your outdoor décor.

River Rocks and Beach Pebbles are always a great addition to any outdoor landscaping. These items go well with live or artificial plants or flower arrangements.

Understand that even the highest quality artificial plants fade over time

While high-quality faux landscape plants are meant to be durable and lasting, the sun and outdoor elements take a toll on anything that stays outdoors. For that reason, either opt to bring your faux plants indoors during the Winter, or plan to replace them every 2-4 years (depending on your geography). If you plan well, you can rotate artificial plants annually between high-shade areas (so they likely have less fading) and sunny areas so they fade similarly.

If you want to keep your outdoor artificial outdoor plants safer from the sun fading, I’d consider spraying them with a UV protectant, like this 303 UV Spray.

On your deck or patio, consider adding a live wall for privacy and shade

If your patio or deck is exposed to the Summer sun and you need to find a way to get some relief, consider adding a live wall. Awhile back, I shared a post that included a YouTube video that showed some great tips for sprucing up your outdoor space and I think artificial live walls are a particularly good addition. This Faux Bamboo Wall Divider even gives you the flexibility to choose how much light (or privacy) you need.

A Bamboo Wall paired with a couple porch or patio chairs would really tie everything together. Consider these Outdoor Rattan Accent Chairs by Coaster Home Furnishings.


For those of you who want to spend more time enjoying the outdoors this year, I hope these tips help you incorporate faux landscape plants into your landscaping. I would love to hear comments about the project detailed in the article and any experiences leveraging artificial plants in your outdoor landscaping.

Be sure to share your thoughts, ideas, and feedback in the comments!

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