Do Artificial Plants Make Staging Easier And More Affordable? Ask Designers Like Joanna Gaines From Fixer Upper!

If you’re like me, you probably spend an inordinate amount of time watching DIY and home improvement shows like Fixer Upper, Good Bones, and Love It Or List It. One thing that each of these shows have in common is that toward the end of the show, each of the updated properties are staged for either the new owner or prospective buyers. In most cases, live plants are added for outdoor landscaping because they will become a permanent element of the home.

More and more, though, I have noticed the designers bringing in artificial plants and flowers to stage the house. This makes a lot of sense because once the house is sold, the designer will likely remove their faux plants for use in the next flip or stage. I was so curious about whether the designers on these shows were using artificial plants and flowers, I did a few Google searches that include terms like:


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While I didn’t have high hopes for specific answer, I was pleasantly surprised to find a few. For instance, this great article from Country does a deep-dive to show that Joanna Gaines clearly uses artificial plants and flowers in her staging efforts on Fixer Upper. It seems that every staging event she rolls out includes a variety of plants and flowers.

While I wasn’t able to get specific answers about Karen Laine’s preference on Good Bones, browsing through their @twochicksandahammer Instagram feed does show some examples of trees, succulents, and arrangements that could easily be artificial, or replaced with artificial options. As an example, in this photo, the plants appear to be a snake plant (far right), a succulent arrangement (center), and a small Fiddle Leaf Fig tree arrangement (far-left).

In lieu of using live plants, any designer or real estate agent working on staging a house could replace each of those with products like the ones below:


As for Hilary Farr on Love It Or List It, she has made recommendations about using artificial plants and outdoor options in decorating designs. As an example, in this article in the Star, she recommends that homeowners explore artificial options when planning their outdoor spaces:

For those who fear stone will get too hot during a steamy summer, Farr advises checking out some of the new artificial grass products, such as carpets. They “look so cool, like patches of grass,” she says, and “you can leave (it) out all summer without having to worry about it.”

With respect to each of these three shows, it sounds as though the lead designers see the use of artificial plants, flowers, and trees as a useful part of their overall design. The ease of storage, ability to transfer the plants from one staging situation to another, and the ability to place plants in any location, regardless of the amount of sunlight lets you see why they would include faux plants in their plans. Add to that the fact that the designer can re-use the artificial plants, keeping their staging costs down from house to house.

If, like me, you were curious about the use of artificial plants on some of these popular home improvement and renovation shows, I hope that helps shed some light. Know of other resources or articles that help show the use of artificial plants or flowers on TV shows? Be sure to share them in a comment!

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  1. Disappointed to say the least but I understand that real plants are fragile and budgeting is important. But I love a real plant.


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