Three Ways Artificial Plants Can Help Your Feng Shui

Did you know that our surroundings can have a significant impact on our mood, our performance on the job or at home, and even our interactions with others? The principles of Feng Shui teach us that balance is an important part of our environment and working toward achieving balance can help create positive energy.

And who doesn’t need a little positive energy in their life?
Design Tips - Three Ways Artificial Plants Can Help Your Feng Shui

While plants can certainly contribute to creating positive energy, the pollen…and potential allergies, that they can bring indoors can also bring negative outcomes. It’s doubtful that you’ll be able to enjoy your room if you’re always sneezing and reaching for a tissue.

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So, how can we incorporate the positive, visual beauty of plants into our Feng Shui without the negative sneezing and wheezing?

Artificial plants might hold part of the key. I’m not advocating for removing every live plant, flower, or tree from your environment. Just look for live plants that don’t carry pollen.

Live Plants CAN Actually Create Negative Feng Shui Energy

Wait, how is that? How can plants actually hurt your feng shui? The answer comes if you don’t properly care for them. Think about it, if your live plants are wilting because of lack of water, you have create a sense of negative energy.

Each time you look at the wilting plant, you may think “that’s not right”. That negative thought is damaging to the flow of the room.

And it’s not just about plants that are in need of care. Some plants just give off a “don’t touch me” vibe. If I asked you to envision a plant you shouldn’t touch, you would probably think of a cactus. Buy how many other plants out there are prickly or have jagged leaves, or use their leaves or stems as defense mechanisms.

These types of live plants and flowers can negatively impact the energy in your space, causing an imbalance in the room.

That’s not to say that live plants aren’t great for feng shui. Let me say it clearly.

Live plants are great for the flow and balance that feng shui strives to create.

But it doesn’t mean that ALL live plants are good for creating that harmonious balance, so choose your plants wisely and be prepared to maintain them properly. When looking for live plants for feng shui, find low-maintenance plants that have uniformity in their look and feel.

As an example, succulents can be an excellent way to bring uniformity and pleasing colors to your space. Additionally, they are easy to care for and maintain their look and feel over time. This can help create a sense of calm, reduce the work you need to do to maintain the room, and help create an aesthetically pleasing positive element in the room.

Live succulents can be a great way to create positive energy for feng shui

Artificial Plants CAN Create Positive Feng Shui Energy

Okay, so we know that some live plants are great for creating positive energy when designing your fend shui, so what about artificial or fake plants. Are artificial plants good for feng shui? Are fake plants bad for feng shui?

Once again, the answer depends.

Artificial plants and flowers can be great options for creating positive energy for your feng shui design.

Because some artificial plants are nearly impossible to distinguish from their real counterparts they can be great for a visual, low-maintenance appeal.

Take this artificial Orchid as an example. Other than dusting, it requires nearly no maintenance, yet it can provide an elegant, positive energy in your room that helps achieve the balance that you strive for in your feng shui design.

Understanding that artificial plants can be good for your feng shui design, here are a few tips to consider.

Tip 1 – Consider Feng Shui Plants That Have Natural, Visual Flow

Avoid those that are jagged or spiky. According to Rodika Tchi at The Spruce, “The cactus plant is a classic example of a so-called bad feng shui plant because its energy is very “spiky”. So look for green, leafy plants that are smooth and add positive visual energy to your space.

Look for plants like leafy palms or lilies. These plants have rounded leaves and beautiful, rich colors that can help brighten your mood.

Plants with blossoms can also transmit a sense of renewal or fresh life, which helps create a positive vibe.

There are many ways to create a vibe, or feng shui, in your house. Consider plants that give off positive energy. These plants can have certain colors like yellows or oranges that make people feel warm, homey, and comfortable.

This beautiful Cherry Blossom tree is a great example of a plant that provides a natural, visual flow and can help with your feng shui while also giving off a warm tone.

Tip 2 – If They Are Difficult-To-Maintain, They Aren’t Going To Help Your Chi.

Dying or dead plants are definitely not going to help your positive energy. If you have live plants that just aren’t thriving in the space, consider replacing them with artificial ones. Maybe there isn’t enough light, maybe there is too much. Either way, the goal of creating positive energy and feng shui is to enjoy the space…not to have to spend all your time trying to revive dying plants.

This beautiful Olive tree is easy to maintain and has beautiful fruit.

Tip 3 – Understand Your Limitations And Do Your Best To Work Around Them.

If you own your home, you have a lot of control over your environment. If, however, you live in an apartment or you are decorating your space at work, there might be limitations as to what you can hang from the ceiling, whether you can add shelves on a wall, or other limitations.

If you are living in an apartment, the easiest way to enhance your feng shui is to put things on the floor. Consider adding a nice lamp next to a small artificial potted plant or flower. Check out this beautiful Metal Floor Lamp by Warehouse of Tiffany.

Sometimes, you have to take into account your co-workers or roommates and the possibility that they might have allergies. If that’s the case, artificial plants, flowers, and shrubs can serve as a suitable visual replacement for live plants, helping you continue on your path toward positive energy.

If you aren’t able to hang a plant, consider one that appears to be spreading or creeping – a sign of vitality. This beautiful arrangement is an option that can be hung or placed on a shelf or table.

Another great addition to an apartment or home is a candle. Adding a candle and pairing it with a small flower arrangement will definitely add to your feng shui. Check out this elegant Velvet Woods Yankee Candle, perfect for any room!

Tip 4 – Use Fake Or Artificial Plants In The Right Rooms To Maximize Impact.

If you’re going to add fake plants to your unique Feng Shui design, focus on the rooms that are going to have the most impact on your positive energy. For instance, start by adding fake plants to your bedroom to help create visual, calming surroundings. Even though the artificial plants may not be alive, they can still give your bedroom, or bathroom, a sense of beauty, color, and positivity that will improve your mood.

If you aren’t comfortable going to only artificial plants, consider adding a mix of both live plants and artificial plants to enhance the feng shui of your bedroom.

Pro Tip: If you have a small bedroom, consider a feng shui bedroom layout. This can include pops of color using live and artificial plants. This way, you can incorporate an earthy element into your feng shui.

If you want to learn more about Feng Shui and some tips beyond just the plant aspect of the theory, check out this video that covers 8 Feng Shui tips that could have a positive aspect on your life.



There you have it! Three tips that can help you achieve balance in your space using artificial plants, trees, flowers, or shrubs. Have a favorite way to incorporate faux plants into your home or office design? Be sure to leave a comment and let us know about it!

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