Design Ideas: Getting Ready For Spring By Creating Back Yard Privacy With Artificial Plants

Are you tired of Winter yet? I know I am!

Even though it’s still cold outside, we are seeing a few warmer days, here in the Midwest, which has be thinking about the Spring and Summer time that I’ll be spending in the backyard. Whether it’s barbecues or just hanging out on the deck, I’m looking forward to spending quality time with friends and family.

When thinking of your backyard privacy, you should consider what spaces you’d like to have the move privacy. For example, if you have a pool, you might want to think of adding some pool privacy plants or privacy plants around the pool. In this article, I’ll give some great yard privacy ideas and some do it yourself tasks on creating garden privacy as well!

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In preparation for the big Spring backyard cleanup, I thought I’d share YouTube video that specifically focus on sprucing up your backyard and some tips on how to make these improvements even better through the use of artificial trees and plants.

Maximize Your Privacy, While Maintaining Beauty

This video, by the fine folks over at Cityline, shows how to build a beautiful boxwood privacy wall for your deck or patio. The key to making it beautiful is to decorate it with plants and flowers. By substituting artificial plants, you can reduce the maintenance requirements and spend more time enjoying your backyard. For ideas of which plants, flowers, or shrubs might work with a privacy wall like this one, check out these products designed specifically for outdoor use.

If you are not into the DIY scene, then consider purchasing a privacy wall to fit your needs.

Pro Tip: Bamboo plants for privacy fence are great for summer and spring get-togethers, especially if you have a pool. Not only does it help keep privacy, but it also spruces up your feng shui!!

Check out these ones below:

120" x 40" Artificial Ivy Privacy Fence Screen, Privacy Wall, Privacy Screen, Artificial Faux Ivy Hedge Leaf & Vine Privacy Fence Wall Screen


Blend Real Plants And Artificial Plants To Reduce Maintenance Requirements

Another idea for either your front yard or backyard is to reduce the amount of time you spend caring for your outdoor spaces by blending both live and faux plants. By adding artificial plants to the mix, you can focus your time on watering and feeding your live plants, and create beautiful blends of colors that you might not have the time to achieve otherwise.


Additionally, with artificial plants, you don’t have to worry about the light and watering needs. Love Hydrangeas, but don’t have the time to water them twice a day? Or maybe you want the beauty of a Hydrangea in a sunny space, where they might dry out quickly because of plentiful sunlight. Why not use an artificial Hydrangea and achieve the beauty you want, without the headache of maintenance?

Have a favorite way to spruce up your outdoor spaces using artificial plants, trees, or shrubs? Be sure to leave a comment and let us know about it!


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