Design Ideas: Adding Orchids To Spaces Without A Lot Of Light

Orchids can bring a beautiful, clean, simplistic beauty to a space. Whether it’s your home entryway or your office desk, these amazing flowers symbolize independence and strength. Just adding a single orchid to a space can brighten it up quickly or even help improve the feng shui of any room.

Live orchids, while relatively low maintenance, do have some light requirements. If you’re thinking about adding a live orchid to your environment, be sure to place it in a space where it can get enough light throughout the day, while not drying it out.

South and East-facing windows generally are best. West facing windows can give too much sunlight, while North facing windows might be a bit too dark.

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Artificial Orchids Can Brighten Up Any Space Without Sunlight Restrictions

Sometimes, however, we just don’t have the right light levels to support an orchid. The good news is that high-quality artificial orchids bring the beauty of the flower to your space without any of the light restrictions that the live plant might require.

Additionally, if you purchase a variety of different colored orchids in different pots and containers, you can rotate them throughout the year to change the look and feel of your space. Just be sure to follow our tips on cleaning your artificial orchids in order to keep them dust free and looking their best.

Artificial Orchids Require Virtually No Patience

Did you know that growing an orchid from seed requires you to wait for 5-7 YEARS before the first flowers appear? That’s a long time to wait, even for these beautiful flowers. The good news is this beautiful artificial orchid can be at your home or on your desk in a matter of days and will remain beautiful for years to come.

Don’t wait 5-7 years for a live orchid to bloom. Enjoy this beautiful arrangement now.

For a few more fun facts about orchids, be sure to check out these 12 incredible orchid facts that no one ever told you before.

If you’re considering adding one or more orchids to your home or work space, below is one of my favorite Pinterest pinboards dedicated specifically to orchids. I hope it provides some ideas about how these beautiful flowers might brighten up your space.

Orchids in the Home


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