Decorate Your Thanksgiving Table Using Beautiful Artificial Flower Arrangements

Decorate Your Thanksgiving Table Using Beautiful Artificial Flower Arrangements

The crisp evenings of fall have arrived and that means it’s time to start thinking about changing out your Halloween decorations for ones that celebrate turkey day. Luckily, we have a few tips and ideas for decorating around the house and your Thanksgiving dinner table using faux flowers.

Tip #1 – Fall decorations can go hand in hand.

The great thing about fall is that the same decoration can herald the arrival of autumn, provide a Halloween theme and remain relevant right through Thanksgiving. All three celebrations tend to include the same colors and themes.

In order to cut down on the time and expense of rotating your flowers throughout these holidays, choose faux flowers that feature the colors you love, but also translate across the different occasions, so you can enjoy them from October through the end of November.

For example, this Hydrangea Berry Arrangement features the reds, oranges, and whites that are the signature colors of Fall. Regardless of whether it’s Halloween or Thanksgiving, this centerpiece would look stunning on your table.


Choose arrangements that can make a statement for all of the fall holidays like this Orange Protea arrangement in a glass vase.

If you want to make your arrangements specific to each holiday celebration, like Thanksgiving, consider adding a thematic pick or decoration like a turkey to the same arrangement. When one holiday is over, just switch out the thematic item for the next one.

If you place your centerpiece on a placemat, just change the theme of the placemat to update the feel for the specific holiday.

Tip #2 – Mix your artificial flowers with candles, fruits, and seeds to create a beautiful blend.

Unless you have specific reasons, like allergies, don’t be afraid to blend items like gourds, leaves, and pinecones in your Thanksgiving arrangements. You can combine fake flowers with live ones along with traditional fall fruits like apples and pomegranates to make beautiful and interesting decorations for any room in the house.

Candles in fall colors, as well as leaves gathered from your trees, can create a dramatic table centerpiece when combined with a faux arrangement.

Just sprinkle a few maple leaves or pine needles from your yard on the table and then place these Faux Yellow Poppies arrangement for an amazing centerpiece.

Choose an arrangement that includes fall colors like these Faux Yellow Poppies and then compliment tem with real leaves, pine cones or pine needles.

Tip #3 – Go non-traditional for a dramatic effect.

Everyone associates Thanksgiving with shades of orange, yellow, red and brown, but you can create a striking floral arrangement in non-traditional colors that still brings the holiday of thanks to mind.

Invest in an artificial arrangement in muted tones like pale pink, cream and blue. Place them in a simple glass vase, galvanized bucket, or a Thanksgiving-themed container to create an intriguing arrangement that still proclaims the holiday.

Don’t want to go full “out of the box”? Add a few maple leaves or pine cones to tie the centerpiece in with the holiday.

Choose an arrangement with non-traditional colors to grace your home for Thanksgiving, like this Lotus Flower Arrangement.

Tip #4 – Make the table your focus.

When it comes to Thanksgiving, everyone gathers around the table, so make it a focal point of your decorating. Create a blooming pumpkin by hollowing out a pumpkin and placing a fall arrangement of faux flowers inside to create a centerpiece that will have your guests talking.

Incorporate burlap or elements of nature like leaves and wood into your table settings to bring the outdoors inside.

Another option is to select an arrangement that features a candle. The aroma and natural visual beauty of the flame is sure to draw the attention of your guests. An arrangement like this Pumpkin, Gourd, Berry and Maple Leaf Artificial Arrangement Candlabrum is perfect for blending the beauty of Fall with the aroma of a scented candle.

If you’re interested in learning how to make a blooming pumpkin, check out this video. This video uses real flowers, but you can just as easily use artificial ones.


Tip #5 – Use flowers as a conversation starter.

Let your flowers do double duty as a decoration and a conversation starter.

Choose an individual flower and tie a notecard around the stem. Place the flower across the plate of an individual place setting along with a pen or pencil.

When guests sit down to eat, ask them to write what they’re thankful for on the card. Share your cards as you eat. Let guests take the faux flowers home as a memento of the day.


Bonus Tip – Start your Thanksgiving decorations with the front door.

Just as a bonus tip for decorating for Thanksgiving, be sure to welcome guests with a front-door display that celebrates the colors and themes of Thanksgiving. A few ideas to get you thinking are:

  • Place a trio of fake mums surrounded by small pumpkins at your front door to welcome them.
  • Hang a fall wreath or swag on your front door.
  • Add a wooden cutout that says “Thankful” for Thanksgiving to keep your front-door decoration on target for the holiday.

Make your front door a celebration of giving thanks with this Highland Silk Fall Door Wreath.

No matter how you decorate for Thanksgiving, take advantage of the variety of faux fall plants and arrangements that are available. Using fake flowers to decorate for Thanksgiving means you can re-use them again during the other busy holidays like Christmas. That means less time worrying about decorating and more time to spend with family and friends.

For more tips on decorating for Thanksgiving check out this blog post. And be sure to check out some great fall decorating ideas from the folks over at House Beautiful.

What’s your favorite way to decorate for the Thanksgiving? Leave us a note in the comments section.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

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