Decorate Your Safari or Jungle-Themed Nursery

Searching for a nursery theme that’s fun and conducive to your little one’s comfort and development? Look no further – we’re in the jungle, baby!

Nature’s most fertile environment provides a wealth of decorating options to transform your nursery into a lush tropical paradise of soothing colors and lively flourishes.

Whether you’re prepping for a tiny Tarzan or a junior Jane, we’ve got all the tips you need to deck out your nursery with a look that’s straight from the safari.

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The Calming Power of Wisteria Wallpaper For Jungle Theme Nursery

The Calming Power of Wisteria Wallpaper for Jungle Theme Nursery

The most abundant color in nature is evocative of abundance, growth, and natural harmony. For as long as we’ve been on the Earth, we’ve gazed out upon forests and fields of green in appreciation of nature’s bounty.

It’s little wonder that green is one of the most soothing colors for the eye, known to evoke feelings of calm, nurturing, and rejuvenation.

But before you bathe the walls of your nursery in deep shades of a jungle green, you might also consider a lighter shade for a softer touch; warm, neutral colors tend to work for a space meant for infants to sleep. Nature-inspired wallpaper does wonders for the eye: check out this beautiful wisteria wallpaper.

And if you’re really intent on preserving that vibrant jungle essence, you can follow the advice of Andrea Magno in an article from; the Director of Color Marketing and Development for Benjamin Moore recommends Lehigh Green HC-131 for a shade that’s comfort-curated for nurseries but retains in a deep, sophisticated tone.

Animal Lamps or Leaf Lamp Shades For Jungle Theme Nursery

Check out this cool Lion Night Light for Jungle Theme Nursery

When deciding on lighting options for a nursery, you’ll want to keep with the theme of warm, comforting tones. That means soft, indirect lighting will likely be your best bet. Imagine dulcet hints of sunlight filtered through a towering jungle canopy, and you’re on the right latitude.

Of course, most of us don’t have the option of building a treehouse nursery deep in the Amazon rainforest. What we can do is take our lighting inspiration from the denizens who do live in the jungle (the mighty jungle).

Few things excite the young imagination more than our friends in the animal kingdom. Decorating your nursery with an animal lamp lets you literally brighten up your child’s environment with a vivid representation of their favorite jungle creature.

Just make sure to choose something cute and cuddly (like this lion night light from Etsy) and not something scary or creepy, for your child’s sake and your own – the last thing you want to see when you switch on the light for a nighttime feeding is to be greeted by a giant glowing red tarantula.

If even cuddly animals are too gauche for your taste, you might consider a more subtle touch with a leaf lampshade. A simple touch that can turn an ordinary lamp into a festival of glowing greenery, a leaf lampshade may also age a little better if you’re eyeing long-term use.

Green Leaf Curtains for the Quiet Times in a Jungle Theme Nursery

Green Leaf Curtains for the Quiet Times in a Jungle Theme Nursery

Nurseries are meant to be sanctuaries. To that end, it’s nice to have the option of blocking off the outside world from time to time with a set of curtains – kind of like having our own secret hideout deep inside a jungle grove.

If you really want to dial up the seclusion, look for thick curtains of the variety that completely block out light. These will help create a nap time environment that’s as calm and relaxing as a lazy ride down a jungle river. As an added bonus, sturdy black-out curtains also reduce outside noise.

For consistency with your jungle motif, green leaf curtains such as this banana-leaf themed number can provide a wonderfully floral effect during the day and a protective barrier during the night.

Putting another layer of sheer curtains behind them can add an effect that simulates the misty light of a steamy jungle morning.

The Butterfly Shelf Effect in a Jungle Theme Nursery

Check out this adorable Butterfly Shelf in a Jungle Theme Nursery

By now, your nursery is starting to look like a real Kipling affair. But you might still be thinking that your walls could use a little extra flair; after all, your source of inspiration is a verdant wonderland teeming with texture.

You could put up some leafy wallpaper to spruce up the effect a bit. While effective use of wallpaper can add a little depth, you may still find a two-dimensional medium limiting.

For our money, the best way to add a truly visceral element is by exploring the space with shelving. No need to limit yourself to the ordinary either – butterfly shelves are the perfect dynamic accoutrements to your budding safari outfit.

Chart A Journey With Globe Bookends in a Jungle Theme Nursery

Add A Small Globe To Your Nursery

The world is much different than it was when exploration meant filling in big blank spots on a map. But even in modern times, the jungle safari evokes vivid dreams of adventure into the wilder parts of our world.

Before your little one becomes a globetrotter, the nursery is where they’ll first begin to form their ideas of discovery. In addition to being a place of comfort and security for the developing mind, it can be a place of wonder.

You can keep the spirit of the safari alive for your jungle tyke with a classic piece of decor: the globe bookend. For the purpose of inspiring young Dodwells and Livingstones, the globe bookend does the job with a timeless flair.

Vines Hanging From The Ceiling in a Jungle Theme Nursery

Vines Hanging From The Ceiling in a Jungle Theme Nursery

Some of you may be thinking about a way to really take your jungle-themed nursery over the top. We see you and we dig your passion; you don’t hold back on Halloween or the holidays, and you sure won’t for your little one’s lair.

Vines. Hanging, twisting, jungle vines undulating gently throughout the nursery. If the idea gives you a thrill, you’ll be happy to know that there are a variety of fake vines readily available on the market.

If you want to go full ape and get the real thing, you can try growing Devil’s Ivy around your walls and ceilings using the techniques described in this DIY video.

Have a great idea or photos of your jungle-themed nursery? Be sure to share them in the comments!

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