Creating a Plant Wall Using Fake or Artificial Flowers and Plants

The rise of social media has brought with it a surge in crafts and unique decoration ideas. One of our favorite new ideas is a special kind of plant wall decor: a fake plant wall!

Can you think of a better way to feature flower wall decor than with an artificial living wall? This project is a great way to add color to plain white or gray walls, and since so many homes come with very neutral paint, a plant wall adds a little something extra.

If you aren’t prepared to commit to a permanent artificial plant wall, you can create a temporary version. That way, your walls won’t get damaged. If you live in an apartment or rent a home, this is especially important since you are likely restricted from putting nails or fasteners in your walls.

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What Is a Plant Wall, and Why Should I Create One?

What Is a Plant Wall, and Why Should I Create One?

First, let’s dive into the basics: what is a faux plant wall, and what makes it awesome? A plant wall is like an art piece that you hang on the wall to display plants.

Usually, the plants are arranged so that their bottoms and roots would be closest to the wall, and the pretty part is coming off the wall. These artificial plant walls can vary pretty dramatically in size, so you’ll want to find something that takes up enough space but isn’t overwhelming.

With a wide variety of styles to choose from, you’ll be able to find one that fits the unique style fo your room.

We think this video does an outstanding job of discussing how an artificial wall plant can transform a space from rather dull to eclectic and exciting.

Choosing the Right Wall for Your Plant Wall

Choosing the Right Wall for Your Plant Wall

Now that we’ve discussed what plant walls are, you may begin searching for a place to arrange your fake wall plants. While you are searching, keep three things in mind: space, furniture, and design.

  • Space: You’ll want to select a large enough wall to accommodate the size of your plant wall. If the wall is too narrow, the plant wall may look oddly placed, for example. The goal here is to make sure you have plenty of room to work with.
  • Furniture: Choose a wall not blocked by furniture. Even though the plants you are working with won’t be real, they still need a little space.
  • Design: For this last one, consider the wall you have chosen. Does it have other artwork on it? Would adding a plant wall clutter the space? Be sure your plant wall will be the center of attention.

Choosing the Right Design for Your Plant Wall

Choosing the Right Design for Your Plant Wall (2)

You have a ton of different options when it comes to plant wall design choices. You can use single flower stems, incorporate non-plant elements, and even add full planters if you are okay with adding nails or hangers to their wall.

The good folks at Planted Well have many recommendations to help make sure you are creating a design that will work well in your space. As you look through their designs, notice how some would work well on the patio while others would make perfect decorations for that blank wall in your kitchen.

Choosing the Right Fake Flowers or Plants for Your Plant Wall

Choosing the Right Fake Flowers or Plants for Your Plant Wall

As you create a DIY plant wall, you will also choose which plants or flowers you want to include. The flower choices should come after the design choice. After all, a rose and a succulent are both beautiful, but they would work entirely differently from one another in the design world.

Our favorite marketplace at Amazon has an excellent variety of fake flower stems that you can use. Because these options come as individual flowers, you have complete control over how the plant wall looks. If you’re hoping for more greenery, Amazon has you covered there, too.

Choosing Complementary Design Elements for Your Plant Wall

Choosing Complementary Design Elements for Your Plant Wall

After you’ve chosen your placement and flowers, you’ll want to think about different design elements you can add to your plant wall. We’re particularly fond of adding wood to plant walls because design elements like wood hoops are easy to find.

You can also paint them to match and complement any flower or plant wall. We love this six-piece set of wooden hoops. You can use these to add some beautiful wreaths of multiple sizes to your wall.

You may also like the look of adding some barnwood accents to your plant wall. We really like these trendy barn wood arrows. They add some extra charm and excitement.

Attaching Fake Flowers to a Wall to Create the Design

Attaching Fake Flowers to a Wall to Create the Design

If you’re hoping to make the wall out of flowers and plants by adding them directly to the wall, we have some great ideas for that, too! You should note that these options can be semi-permanent, so if you are renting your place, be aware that you may have to do some repair work when you eventually take the flowers and plants down.

To hang flowers and plants directly to the wall, picture hanging wire is a great option. Just nail in the hangers, attach the hanging wire, and add your flowers or plants to the wall! This picture hanging kit has a lot of materials you may find helpful.

If you’re hoping for something less permanent, we recommend Gaffers tape. This is a cloth tape that comes in various colors so you can match your wall. This tape is not a design element, so choose something that will blend in rather than stand out.

We also love the idea of stringing up LED lights and hanging flowers and plants from them. These LED string lights are some of our favorites because they also come with small clothespins where you can hang fake plants or flowers. That way, you don’t need any extra materials to add your plants.

We think photos or other memorabilia would look fabulous hung from the clothespins as well. Maybe you have some ticket stubs hanging around that need a home!

We hope you found some great ideas for your plant wall, and we can’t wait to hear how it turns out. If you have some favorite tips for building an artificial plant and flower wall, we’d love to know. Connect with us in the comments below!

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