Create an Indoor Garden with Artificial Flowers And Plants

Create an Indoor Garden with Faux Florals

The trees in my neighborhood are starting to change colors, and the summer flowers are blooming their last blooms. The crisp smell of fall is in the air.

As much as I love autumn – the cooler temperatures, the beautiful colors, the pumpkin spice – I’m always sad to see the beautiful blooms of summer fade away. No matter the season, I’m always trying to find ways to bring the beauty of the outdoors inside.

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One way to do that is with an indoor garden. You can create an indoor garden with live plants or faux plants or a mixture of both. The great thing about an artificial indoor garden in your home, though, is that other than dusting them off every once in a while, you get the realistic look of live plants without the constant care. Another great thing about having an indoor garden is that you can transform a normal indoor garden into an indoor moss garden, indoor water garden or even an indoor herb garden!

Although we are looking for artificial indoor garden ideas, there’s always room to add live plants and flowers in the mix with your fake plants.

Starting an indoor garden is easy and if you’re looking to create a fantastic indoor garden using realistic artificial plants, or real plants, take into account these five tips:

Choose your spot.

There are some obvious places for a faux indoor garden – the kitchen windowsill, in a sunny corner of the living room, in a sunroom. But think outside of the box, too. When you create an artificial garden in your home, you don’t have to worry about putting it in the prime spot for sunlight or temperature. Faux plants can go anywhere.

Consider putting a small indoor garden in the bathroom or convert a closet into a showcase for artificial plants and flowers.

A great way to showcase your plants indoors is on a plant stand. Check out this Bamboo Potted Plant Stand Rack by COPREE, perfect for an indoor garden setting.

It doesn’t matter where your indoor garden is as long as it’s big enough to hold the plants you want to display.

Complement the outdoors.

If you have a door that leads out to a patio or porch, consider having your indoor garden transition into an outdoor one. Mix live flowers and plants and faux flowers and plants together on both sides of the doorway, allowing the outdoors to flow inside.

Go big.

To make a statement with your indoor garden, choose large artificial plants. Try to keep all the plants about the same size and choose an odd number of plants as that is more pleasing to the eye. Vary the type of plant. Choose large ferns and trees and group them in a corner of the room. Group several ferns together – like this Faux Fern or this Leather Fern – to create a fantastic indoor garden that is sure to be a conversation starter. Consider placing them all in similar containers to create a uniform look.

This beautiful fern in a great planter would make for beautiful porch, patio or outdoor landscape décor.

This stunningly subtle Leather Fern would add a pop of intrigue into any corner of a home!


Think small.

An indoor garden doesn’t have to be large. Here are some indoor garden ideas for small spaces.

Small succulents and cacti make a great indoor zen garden for your windowsill or indoor garden shelf. Our Barrel Cactus and our Tillandsia in a wood planter are perfect for starting a small succulent garden. Use small artificial plants to create a faux kitchen herb garden or a cacti garden in your office.

This Barrel Cactus plant would look great in a living or dining room!

This Tillandsia in a wooden planter would look great in a living or dining room!


Hang it all.

Don’t have floor space for an indoor garden but still want the look and feel of one? Find a sunny window or an empty wall, grab a few faux plants and blooms, place them in hanging baskets, and voila! You have a hanging garden.

My favorite hanging shelves to use around my house is the Boho Wall Hanging Shelves by FORESTBARN and the SAND MINE 3 Tier Wood Hanging Self.

Use a variety of blooming and non-blooming plants and choose different sizes to create variety.

Still not sure how to get started on your indoor garden? Check out Apartment Therapy’s 15 different indoor garden ideas to spark your own creativity.

No matter where you put your artificial indoor garden in your home, it will brighten your days and bring a little of the outdoors inside – even when the winter winds blow.

Do you have an indoor garden? Let us know all about it in the comments.

And, as always, be sure to let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

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