Watering Mistakes You’re Making that Are Killing Your Plants

The BIG Watering Mistakes You’re Making that Are Killing Your Plants

Are your houseplants dying and you can’t figure out why? You’ve tried watering. You’ve tried moving them. You’ve tried everything. Are you wondering if you might be watering too much or too little? Read on for some food for thought, and plants, when it comes to watering your houseplants.

Top 5 Best Mulch for Vegetable Garden [2022]

Our reviews of the best mulch options for your vegetable garden

If you are thinking about growing vegetables in your garden or are already gardening vegetables, you will realize that mulch is a very important factor in your vegetables’ health. Without mulch, the soil in your garden will not be insulated enough to sustain vegetables. Mulch will retain moisture in the soil and regulate its temperature …

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Top 5 Best Tomato Cages [2022]

Our reviews of tomato cages and our pick of the best one for your vegetable garden

If you have been looking into growing tomatoes, you probably already know how important it is to get the right products for them to ensure that they can thrive. This is because they are delicate and require the perfect conditions to be met to grow healthily. Climbing plants like tomatoes need sturdy supports to grow …

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Winterizing Your Outdoor Artificial Plants

Winterizing Your Outdoor Faux Plants

While cooler temps bring visions of cozy fires and pumpkin pie, now is the perfect time to take care of some outdoor chores, including getting faux outdoor plants ready for winter.

How To Decorate Your Front Entry Or Porch With Fake or Artificial Plants

How To Decorate Your Front Entry With Artificial Flowers and Plants

It may still be summer, but fall is just around the corner, and with the change of the seasons comes plenty of opportunity to entertain. While the gatherings may be small, you’ll still want your home looking its best when you greet your guests, which is why focusing on the front porch and entryway to your home pays off.

How To Prune A Peace Lily? A Step By Step Guide

How To Prune A Peace Lily A Step By Step Guide

The peace lily is one of the best indoor plants one can have. The beautiful leaves and bright colors lift the look of the room they are in. In addition, peace lilies don’t require much from your side and can be kept in low-light locations. However, sometimes the leaves or the flowers of your peace lily …

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