Growing Plants in Artificial Light

growing Plants in Artificial Light

Ever wonder if you can grow your plants with artificial lights? Believe it or not, plants can be grown with artificial lights but there are things you must consider when doing so. Here are a few tips that we think might help you better understand how to grow your plants with artificial lights and the best lights for accomplishing this.

How Often Should I Water Rosemary In My Herb Garden?

How Often Should You Water Rosemary Plants

Plants are, in general, the best part of the world. With various colors to the fragrance that we can smell from plants, life is like a beautiful painting. Among many beautiful and worthwhile plants are Rosemary plants. But just like any other plant, it can be tricky at times to understand how often to water …

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How to Cut Basil A Plant From Your Herb Garden

How To Properly Cut Basil Grown In Your Herb Garden

Cutting basil plants is one of the major strategies for growing large, thick bushes. Many gardeners are afraid to cut their plants in case it may cause damage to their plants and reduce productivity. But the reality is that pruning plants as basil helps us have it fresh, and we can save it for the …

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